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Magnetic Indicator Stand w/ Fine Guide Screw Adjustment

/Magnetic Indicator Stand w/ Fine Guide Screw Adjustment
  • Magnetic Indicator Stand w Fine Guide Screw Adjustment

Magnetic Indicator Stand w/ Fine Guide Screw Adjustment, Fine Adjustment Magnetic Base, Magnetic Base Indicator Holder, Multiposition Magnetic Base Stand, Magnetic Base With Flex-O-Post Assembly And Fine-Adjustment Indicator Stands

Magnetic Indicator Stand w/ Fine Guide Screw Adjustment Features:
Has fine guide screw adjustment
Magnetic base with 3 V-groove and On/Off switch
Dial indicator with lug back or plain back
Variety of models available to suit your applications
Strong clamping force ensures consistent, highly accurate measurement
Powerful magnet

Magnetic bases are fixtures typically used in metalworking to hold dial indicators and in other fields like optics. The SL Series Magnetic Base with Guide Screw Adjustment can make setting up a workpiece in machinery such as surface grinders or milling machines much easier. Swiveling connectors or snugs connect the vertical post and rod in the magnetic base to allow free motion of the arm so that the dial indicator can be moved into position on the workpiece. The iron acts as extension of the magnet when the magnetic base is on, while the magnet acts as a keeper and prevents the magnetic field from extending through the base when it is off.

Fine Adjustment Magnetic Base Powerful magnetic base for mounting of dti gauge, Fine adjustment screw for accurate setting.
The Fine adjusting & Mechanical Arm Universal Magnetic Gauge Holder has two parts to achieve it’s function.
One is the magnetic base. A permanent magent is installed inside the steel cover to get the magnetic holding force to ferrous base material surface. The switch can control the working on&off status of holding force.
Another is the mechanical arm to clamp the dialgauge & indicator. The mechanical can be adjusted in universal direction in 360degree with one swivel button to tight all the knob of the arm. A fine adjusting screw can fine adjust the dialgauge/indicator location after all the knob tighted to get the better working status.

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Product Range

Modle Size Power Weight
HSSL-MK 1.9”x1.6”x2.1” 132LBS 2.75LBS
HSSL-AH 2.0”x1.8”x2.0” 132LBS 2.2LBS
HSSL-MB/FAK 2.3”x2.0”x2.2” 132LBS 3LBS
Modle Size(mm) Power Weight
HSSL-MK 48x40x54 60Kg 1.25Kg
HSSL-AH 52x45x75 60Kg 1Kg
HSSL-MB/FAK 58x50x55 60Kg 1.4Kg
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