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Magnetic Holding Tray

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Magnetic Holding Tray with Plastic Hood, Aluminum Alloy Magnetic Tray, Magnetic Cushion Tray for Screws, PVC Magnetic Parts Tray China Factory

Magnetic Holding Tray Features:
Part No: HSMPT-1006
Size: diameter 150mm(6”)
Depth: 25 mm (1”)
Material.tough stainless steel (430/0.4mm)
Maanet:diameter 60mm(3-1/4”)x1pc, 1000-1200 gauss
PVC bottom prevents from being scratched

HSMAG Magnetic Trays  are a handy tool for any garage or workshop to help prevent the loss of steel parts during repairs.
Magnetic bowls
A must have bench top accessory that keeps small parts accessible and all in one place to prevent loss.
Magnetic Bowls with an extra strong magnet to stop you loosing vital component parts on the floor, under the workbench, or in the grass. Different sizes and style for your selecting.

The Round Magnetic Tray is an incredibly powerful magnetic tray. Two ultra powerful heavy magnets are embedded in the rubber base. The powerful magnetic force will impress and delight users for a wide variety of applications. The tray itself will hold securely to a metal surface, even vertically or upside down. Ferrous materials placed in the tray won’t be going anywhere. Screwdrivers left in the tray will become magnetized and gain the ability to pick up and hold screws. The attractive stainless steel surface is durable and corrosion resistant. For the builder or mechanic, this tray will keep tools and hardware securely in place while working in tight areas. For electronics repair, the tray will keep small screws and parts in a secure place, while providing a large enough surface to separate screws of different sizes. For the home-owner, this tray can hold small hand-tools and garden tools; improving organization while providing convenient access. This tray will also provide utility and organization to craft hobbyists and jewelry makers. Through the power of magnets, rubber, and steel the Magnetic Tray is sure to improve the life of anyone who uses their hands to get things done.
Caution: Laptops, desktops and other electronics which may contain magnetic disk drives are likely to be damaged if place within close proximity to this product.

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