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Magnetic Holding Plate THREAD M/Rd 24

/Magnetic Holding Plate THREAD M/Rd 24
  • magnetic holding plate

Magnetic Holding Plate THREAD M/Rd 24, Magnetic Nailing Plate For Precast Anchors, Threaded Socket System Accessories, Magnetic Fix Plates, Magnet Socket Holding Holder

Magnetic Holding Plate Feature:
Part No.: HS-MFP24
Diameter D(mm): 74
Height H(mm): 12
Thread: Rd/M24
Materal: Steel With magnets
Coating: Copper / Zinc
Pull Force: 100kg

HSMAG magnet socket holder is the best choose to fix sockets inserts to steel formwork if your precast concrete mold is steel. It can reuse many times. magnet socket holder need a plane surface on the steel formwork. Oil surface will protect the magnetic socket. The sockets or inserts must be thread together, then magnetic force to steel formwork or mold. The magnet adhesion area must be clean and unevenness must be removed so that the adhesion force is not reduce. Any heating of the magnet socket holder is not admissible, or the magnetic will be damaged.

The magnetic holders are used in conjunction with steel shuttering and moulds. The magnets have very stromg adhesion properties resulting in a functional, long lasting solution. Bespoke nailing plates can be produced on request.

For use in steel moulds, these magnetic nailing plates are reusable and applied through magnetic adhesion to the mould.



The Multiform Rail Formwork system is for sale or hire and is suitable for any precast or tilt-up work and most beneficial where more than one panel thickness is expected in the future. It provides professional outcomes and greatly improves on existing concrete boxing or shuttering methods. Formwork companies, precast factories, beam formwork and tilt up manufacturers will see the advantages of this robust and quick system. We also supply magnets in a range of strengths to suit the precast factory environments of your existing formwork or our formwork.


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Product Range




HS-MFP12 12 60 12
HS-MFP16 16 60 12
HS-MFP20 20 60 12
HS-MFP24 24 74 12
HS-MFP30 30 90 12
HS-MFP36 36 90 12
HS-MFP42 42 115 15
HS-MFP52 52 135 15
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