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Magnetic Hitching Rods in Vehicle Bumper

/Magnetic Hitching Rods in Vehicle Bumper
  • Magnetic Hitching Rods in Vehicle Bumper

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Magnetic Hitching Rods in Vehicle Bumper, Tools & Assemblies, Adjustable and Magnetic Tool Features:

Model #: HSMHA-02
Material: Steel chrome plated base with foam ball
Dimensions: 14-52 inches in height and a 2 inch base
Package dimensions: 14.02 x 5.31 x 2.44 inches
Weight: 13.4 oz

This trailer hitch alignment kit will save you time and eliminate stress as you line up your trailer hitch perfectly. It only takes one person to align your hitch and ball mount on the first try, every time.

Perfect alignment, every time
1. Adjust the alignment balls to your required height
2. Place one magnetic mount to your hitch and the other to your trailer ball mount
3. Reverse your vehicle until the alignment balls connect
No extra help required!

Easy and durable set up
Each alignment tool mounts to the hitch using strong neodymium magnets, which delivers a strong hold and withstands windy conditions. No screws required!
The steel rods are chrome plated to protect against weather and prevent rust.

Align, hitch and tow your trailer quicker and easier with this magnetic tow hitch alignment kit. The two telescopic rods extend from 13.5 inches up to 43 inches. They’re held in place on your trailer coupler and your aligning hitch with high-powered magnets. Chome finish with bright colored easy to see neon balls for easy viewing and aligning. This is the perfect solution for one man alignment from inside the cab. Telescopic Design extends from 13.5” all the way up to 43” High power magnets hold each alignment rod in place on both the trailer coupler and the hitch Perfect solution for one man hitching alignment from inside the cab Rust Resistant Chrome Finish

New Trailer Alignment Kit Magnet Hitch Line Up For Boats, Campers, RV’s and Trailers. A must have no-hassle way to quickly align your hitch with the trailer’s. Telescoping rods extend to 42″ When the brightly colored markers are aligned. You’re ready to hook up. 13-1/2″ minimum height, chrome plated finish to resist rust. A must have for easily connecting your trailer perfect by your self every time.

The magnetic trailer alignment kit includes two separate telescoping rods that you magnetically attach to your vehicle’s hitch and the trailer’s coupler. Then simply raise the bright yellow markers to a height where you can see both of them from your driver’s seat, then get in and drive. When you’ve got the two markers aligned, you’re in position to easily hook them up. The trailer alignment kit’s rods are chrome-plated to resist rust.  Adjustable Magnetic Trailer Coupler Hitch Ball Align

Now we’re ready to make our connection. Another possibility is just to mount it to the actual ball mount, and it’s still going to have the same effect. You’ll just need to get out and check as to when the ball is underneath the coupler. When installing these, you want to make sure that your hitch ball on your vehicle is going to be set lower than the coupler height on your trailer. You can use the aligners to do that. First I’m going to take this down until it’s about level with the ball mount. Then we can take this to our trailer and make sure that the coupler sits over top of this height. Magnetic Trailer Alignment Kit Magnet Hitch

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