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Magnetic Handgum Hand Gum Thinking

/Magnetic Handgum Hand Gum Thinking
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Magnetic Handgum Hand Gum Thinking Intelligent Silly Putty Plasticine Rubber Mud Kids DIY Toys Gift, Magnetic Handgum Toys Playdough Magnet DIY Plasticine Smart Clay Gift

Magnetic Handgum Hand Gum Thinking Features:
Part No.: HSMTP-07
Age Range:> 3 years old
Plasticine Color Number:Solid Color
Amount of color plasticine:7 Colors

Super Toy Magnet Silly Putty Magnetic Plasticine Thinking Clay

Use the included ceramic magnet to control tendrils of your Magnetic Thinking Putty like a snake charmer.
In absence of magnets, behaves like any other type of putty
While Magnetic Thinking Putty is a more highly evolved form of regular putty, it can still do all of the “normal” things that you love about putty. Namely, you can bounce it, stretch it, and tear it — all of which are loads of fun.

Use the included magnet to “charge” your putty and it too will turn into a magnet.
Magnetic Thinking Putty has a mind of its own!
Playing withmagnetsis just plain fun. Objects seem to “jump” or snap on their own. But it’s the slow-moving nature of Magnetic Thinking Putty, combined with its magnetism, that creates a horror movie-esque quality. It’s just plain freaky.
Note: Retrieving the “eaten” magnet is fairly easy. Just dig around inside the putty and pull it out.

A handful of Magnetic Thinking Putty will literally ingest a magnet like The Blob.
Don’t try this at home…without safety goggles.
Yes, you can smash Magnetic Thinking Putty into dozens of pieces with a hammer. Awesome!
How does this work? Essentially, the putty behaves like different materials when force is applied at different time intervals.
Over long time intervals, it acts somewhat like a liquid (spreading slowly). Over medium time intervals, it stretches. Over quick time intervals, you can tear it. And when pounded with a hammer, it acts like a solid and shatters. In a large clean area, you can collect all of the pieces and continue to use the putty as if nothing happened. It’s crazy awesome.
However, you should wear safety goggles and thick clothing. The pieces of putty will fly at extremely fast speeds and could knock your eye out. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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