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Magnetic Hand Feeding Tools

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Magnetic Hand Feeding Tools, Magnetic Safe Catchers, Magnetic Pliers, Magnetic Handle Feeding Tools, Hand Feeding Magnetic Pick Up Tool, Magnetic Machine Safety Hand Tools, Magnetic Punch Protector, Red Plastic Handle Single Head Magnetic Punch Protector

Magnetic Hand Feeding Tools Feature:
Part No.: HSHH1071 ~ HSHH1076
Handy with long reach
Keeps hands away from power press
Low magnetic field to lift thin sheets
Suitable for marking and inspection

The magnetic safe catchers are used to pickup and release a small sheet metal.To deliver a sheet metal in operating punching machine, or a dangerous place without extending your hand into it.
Customized is Available!
Single magnet with release handle, Double magnet with release handle, Three magnet with release handle
Material : Metal, Magnet, Plastic
Package Content : 1 x Magnetic Punch Protector
Can be used to lift metal, copper palte, stainless steel plate or circuit board and more.
There is a safe distance between the handle and the head, ensure the safety of the production.
Move this magnetic head closely to the workpiece, it will stick automatically, take to the place where you want to put, easy to pull it off.
Plastic handle is safe to grip. Spring loaded type is convenient to use.

The best tools for feeding and retrieving metal parts from presses and cutting machinery.
For over 10 years, our magnet lifters have been a mainstay for operator safety when using mechanical power presses. Using a magnetic lifter allows machine operators to feed and retrieve blanks, stampings or formed metal and steel parts without placing their hands in the point of operation. OSHA recognizes the use of such hand tools and notes that they should be used in conjunction with appropriate guards and machine safeguarding devices.

Today, magnet lifters are used in conjunction with laser and plasma metal cutting machinery. Our magnetic lifters are extremely helpful to remove both cut parts and scrap parts from the cutting deck. Extendable Magnetic Pickup Pal

Especially useful have been the custom magnetic tools that HSMAG has made for its customers, including handle lengths that are both shorter and longer than our standard sizes. We have also reconfigured the placement of the magnets to suit particular applications, for example placing magnets side to side rather than in a row.


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Product Range

Code   Model    Length Power Force
HSHH1071 201 10.630 5.51
HSHH1072 202 10.630 13.22
HSHH1073 203 12.795 11.02
HSHH1074 204 12.795 15.43
HSHH1075 205 14.370 11.02
HSHH1076 206 14.370 15.43
Code    Model      Length Power Force
HSHH1071 201 270 2.5
HSHH1072 202 270 6
HSHH1073 203 325 5
HSHH1074 204 325 7
HSHH1075 205 365 5
HSHH1076 206 365 7
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