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Mini Magnetic Floor Sweepers 14″

/Mini Magnetic Floor Sweepers 14″
  • Mini Magnetic Floor Sweepers 14inch

14″ Mini Magnetic Floor Sweepers, Push-Type Magnetic Sweepers, Magnetic Push Sweeper, Magnetic Mini Floor Sweeper, Smooth Surface Magnetic Clean Sweep

Magnetic Floor Sweepers Feature:
Part No.: HSPMS-14F
Sweeping Width: 14.5 inch
Overall Width: 16.5 inch
8-Penny Nail Pick Up: 3.75 lbs.  (340 pcs.)
Approximate Pull: 80 Lbs.
Weight: 18 Lbs.

Collect large quantities of dangerous scrap metal or scattered ferrous metal items with ease. Clear collected debris from sweeper with work gloves or a heavy shop towel. Light aluminum housing. Easy to operate over most terrain. 36” model converts to a hang-type sweeper. All models are 1.75” high by 5” deep (does not include wheel dimensions). Permanent magnetism guaranteed.

With six or eight foot sweeping widths, they quickly clear tramp iron from streets, construction sites, runways, steel mills, welding sites and more, over smooth or unpaved surfaces, wet or dry! Like the smaller push-type and hang-type models, these big trailer-type sweepers save time and maintenance costs by keeping work areas free of tramp metal debris. The heavy .375″ x 2″ steel frame with adjustable hitch withstands the roughest conditions! They are designed to operate at road speeds up to 50 mph between jobs, and up to 10 mph during sweeping. Each sweeper has two large, heavy-duty magnets which have 90 lbs. pull each, and feature permanent magnetism with a lifetime warranty. Discharging collected metal is easy too. Simply pull the lever, and the load is released from the stainless steel collecting plate into the carrying pans.

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Product Range

Part No. Sweeping Width (in) Overall Width (in) 8-Penny Nail Pick Up Test Approximate Pull (Lbs.) Weight (lbs)
HSPMS-36F 36  40.5 11.25 lbs. (1,023 pcs.) 240 41
HSPMS-24F 24 28.5 7.5 lbs. (680 pcs.) 160 27
HSPMS-14F 14.5  16.5 3.75 lbs. (340 pcs.) 80 18
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