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Magnetic Flashlight Clamp Gun Rifle Holder

/Magnetic Flashlight Clamp Gun Rifle Holder
  • Magnetic Flashlight Clamp Gun Rifle Holder

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Magnetic Flashlight Clamp Gun Rifle Holder, Magnet Tools & Assemblies Specifications:

Model #: HS-MFM-09
Tube diameter: 1 inch, i.e. fits all flashlight with 1″ body
Length: 2″
Width: 1.5″
Height: 2.25″
Weight: 3.8 oz
Compatible models:
P Series – P10GT, P12GT, P12GTS, P16 TAC, P30, P10 v2, P20 v2, New P30, New P12, P22R
MH Series – MH10 v2, MH12 v2, MH12GT, MH25GT, MH25GTS, MH12GTS
S Series – SRT7GT
C Series – CU6, CI6, CR6, CG6, CI7
Material: aluminum alloy
Finish: HAIII military grade hard-anodized

The Outdoor Outfitters Torch Scope Mount for LED Lenser and Coast Torches
After getting frustrated with the lack of mounting options for the most popular LED Torches we have come up with a fantastic easy to use mount. The black anodized aluminium finish matches the torch and any standard black scope’s finish.
Simply mount the included Quick-Detach scope ring onto any 1″ or 30mm scope tube. Then fit the torch mount’s weaver base to the scope ring. These are easy to install and mean you can easily remove your torch for the times when you don’t need it shooting.

a magnetic mounting for flashlights with tubes 23-26 mm allowing for tool-free mounting on a gun, car body or bicycle handlebar.
The magnetic base uses two strong neodymium magnets, which have been coated with rubber for protection. They securely grip metal parts – e.g. gun barrel or bicycle handlebar.
Lining the inside of the ring on the tube with soft foam and a layer of non-slip rubber prevents scratches on the surface of the torch, and additionally stabilizes it. Regulation by means of a screw enables the use of flashlights with a tube diameter of 23 to 26 mm.

If you are trying to get your hands on some of the best tactical and high-capacity magnetic scope mount, then your search ends at Introducing you to a massive collection of high-visibility magnetic scope mount that you can use for a variety of activities such as hunting and warfare. These magnetic scope mount are equipped with powerful optics that enable you to enhance your gun’s zooming power to a great extent and makes the target visible clearly with dots. Magnetic Flashlight Torch Holder for Weapon
The magnetic scope mount accessible on the site are offered by the leading suppliers where you can rest assured about the quality and expertise of the products. You can select from a wide variety of magnetic scope mount that can attach onto all sorts of guns, delivering you a clear sight and deadly accuracy. These magnetic scope mount are available in different colors and have varied sight ranges depending on the models you choose. These devices come with enhanced focal length, improved resolution and HD displays. Magnetic Scope Flashlight Mount for Led Torch Lanterna offers you advanced sets of magnetic scope mount that come in numerous options such as thermal, infrared sights and much more. The building materials of these magnetic scope mount comprises different options such as plastic, aluminum, aluminum alloy and steel to name a few. These magnetic scope mount are equipped with red dots and green dots to detect your target and come with anti-slip properties.
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