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Magnetic Fixing Plate Thread M/Rd 12

/Magnetic Fixing Plate Thread M/Rd 12
  • magnetic fixing plate

Magnetic Fixing Plate Thread M/Rd 12, Small Magnetic Fixing Plate Holder, Magnetic Nailing Plate For Precast Anchors, Precast Concrete Magnet Accessories, Threaded Socket System Accessories

Magnetic Fixing Plate Feature:
Part No.: HS-MFP12
Diameter D(mm): 60
Height H(mm): 12
Thread: Rd/M12
Materal: Steel With magnets
Coating: Copper / Zinc
Pull Force: 50kg

1. The special design of neodymium magnetic core forms super strong magnetic circuit and magnetic force;
2. Surface treatment can be Zinc plating, Copper plating, epoxy coating, balckening, etc. or using stainless steel;
3. Customized dimensions and specifications are available.
Shuttering magnets are widely used in precast concrete industry, the strong magnetic systems fix the frameworks onto
steel table, they are easily operated, save labor cost and improve efficiency.

The magnetic plate is used to fix the sockets to steel formwork.We have diameter of 60mm,74mm 90mm, 115mm and 135mm,pull force
50KG,100KG,120KG,150KG,180KGwith thread M12 to M52 on request.

Bespoke nailing plates can be produced on request. Please contact us for more informantion.


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Product Range



HS-MFP12 12 60 12
HS-MFP16 16 60 12
HS-MFP20 20 60 12
HS-MFP24 24 74 12
HS-MFP30 30 90 12
HS-MFP36 36 90 12
HS-MFP42 42 115 15
HS-MFP52 52 135 15
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