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Magnetic Drawers with Round Inlet And Outlet

/Magnetic Drawers with Round Inlet And Outlet
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Magnetic Drawers with Round Inlet And Outlet, Standard Style Drawer Magnets, Normal Magnetic Grate in Housing, Drawer Magnets for Magnetic Separation

Magnetic Drawers with Round Inlet And Outlet feature:

Standard working temperture: less than  80 Celsius Degree . Optional Max working temperture can up to 300 Celsius Degree.
Standard Material: SS304 , Optional SS316 Available.
Standard Magnetic strength :13000Gs
Inlet and Outlet dimension from DN150-DN300 Flange,   Optional: Ferule,bolt plate and uneven head can be choiced.
Suface treatment: sand blasting
Constriuction: FOOD grade can be supplied with well polished at inner suface of tube.
Application:  Normal Magnetic drawer, Normal Drawer Magnet, Standard Style Magnetic Draweris an ideal magnetic system for. extracting  super fine ferrous contamination from dry granules or powder materials flow.

Permanent Magnetic Drawer Filters, Magnetic Cartridge and Drawer, Drawer and Housing Magnet, Permanent Magnetic Grills

Drawer magnets provide valuable protection for injection molding machines, molds and dies. Mounted on the throat of the molding machine, tramp metal is stopped from flowing into the machine by powerful rare earth magnets. Drawer magnets are available in painted and stainless steel in different styles to suit specific application needs. Our most popular sized drawer magnets with side gates are stocked items!
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Product Range




Standard Specification of magnetic drawer with round inlet and outlet flange:

Part NO. Dimension(mm) Weight(Kg)
SWd-NR-150 159 286 208 205 15
SWd-NR-200 219 286 258 255 25
SWd-NR-250 273 286 308 305 45
SWd-NR-300 325 286 358 355 56
SWs-NR-150 159 216 208 205 12
SWs-NR-200 219 216 258 255 25
SWs-NR-250 273 216 308 305 37
SWs-NR-300 325 216 358 355 46

“d” stand for double rows.
“s” stand for single row.
“N” stand for standard type.
“R” stand for round flange top.
“S” stand for square flange top.

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