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Magnetic Drawer Separator for Quartz Sand

/Magnetic Drawer Separator for Quartz Sand
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Magnetic Drawer Separator for Quartz Sand, Magnetic Drawer for Silica Sand, Standard Normal Style Magnetic Drawer, Easy cleaning Style Magnetic Drawer, Fast Connection Liquid Drawer Magnets

Magnetic Drawer for quartz sand,aslo named magnetic drawer separator for silica sand,with a special type, will always give customers a better impression.It is very suitable for someone to use this kind of product because it can work efficiently.
1.     Magnetic separator for quartz sand make of stainless steel, magnetic bar and handle.And every magnetic bar equips aaluminous management set,for protect all bars magnet to be corroded.
2.     It is easy to push and pull the handle when using magnetic separator for silica sand.When you pull the handle of magnetic separator for silica sand,and the iron which is sucked by magnetic drawer will fall down,so you can get a clear material.
3.     Convinient to carry magnetic separator forquartz sand to a place.You can take it to a fatory when you are very urgent.Because the both side of Magnetic separator for quartz have a handle,you can lift it up then carry to where you go.
4.     Magnetic separator for silica sand can protecte against corrosion when working.As you see from the following picture, we kown that Magnetic separator for sillica sand is all covered by equipment which against water and dust exposure.
5.     Magnetic separator for silica sand not only separate magnet apart form silica sand, but aslo it can separate other material.It is very convenient to separate iron from cilica sand. Just pull the cilica sand into he magnetic separator for silica sand, then all the iron form the cilica sand will aoto appeal to magneitc bar from Magnetic separator.

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