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Magnetic Double V Holder

/Magnetic Double V Holder
  • Magnetic Double V Holder

Magnetic Double V Holder, Magnetic V Block, Magnetic V-Holder with On/Off Switch, Metalworking Tooling, ‘V’ Blocks Magnetic Holders, Magnetic Workholding Holders, Magnetic Machinist / Gunsmith V Block, Magnetic Square V-Holder

Magnetic Double V Holder Feature:
Part No: HSMV-1 ~ HSMV-6
Powerful magnetic force functions on the top face(V face),bottom face,and rear face
With On/Off switch
The holder is finished in both standard precision and special class precision
Magnetic V-Holderhas magnetic force,which can be used for holding tools for round bar marking,drilling,tapping and grinding of irregular-shaped worpieces,and holding tools for various measuring systems.

Ideal for holding round or irregular shapes for grinding, machining, scribing or measuring.
150 lbs. of holding force.
90° Vee on top.
Magnetic attraction on 5 sides.
Turn it over and it has slots and vees topside.
Fine precision ground finish.
Fixed On/Off Switch.
Height 3 3/4″, Width 2 3/4″, Length 4″.
1. MAGNETIC V BLOCK is ideal for holding round or other awkward shaped steel for precision operation in grinding, measuring, drilling and so on.
2. Two pieces are finished with same size at special precision to ensure they can be used together as a set.
3. It is easy to operate with the ON/OFF switch.
Magnetic V-Blocks. (Matched pair) Ideal for Holding round and irregular shapes for Grinding, Measuring, and machining. Powerful Magnetic force on All three surfaces: Top, side, and V (90°). includes two Precisely identical Blocks for use as a Set.

Customers in the defense, aerospace, medical, and automotive industries have trusted NTM with the custom design, manufacturing, and maintenance of their precision tooling. In addition to V-blocks we are also premium providers of such services as grinding, sand blasting, laser marking, welding, and assembly. All services and products are held to the highest industry standards.We are ISO 9001:2008 certified. To learn more about our magnetic V-block production, or the other services we provide please see the table below or contact us directly.

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Product Range

Code Size V Side Accuracy Weight
HSMV-1 3.150×2.756×3.740 Double V 0.004 7.05
HSMV-2 3.976×2.756×3.740 Double V 0.004 8.82
HSMV-3 4.724×2.756×3.740 Double V 0.004 10.58
HSMV-4 3.150×2.756×3.740 Double V 0.0008 7.05
HSMV-5 3.976×2.756×3.740 Double V 0.0008 8.82
HSMV-6 4.724×2.756×3.740 Double V 0.0008 10.58
Code Size V Side Accuracy Weight
HSMV-1 80×70×95 Double V 0.1 3.2
HSMV-2 101×70×95 Double V 0.1 4
HSMV-3 120×70×95 Double V 0.1 4.8
HSMV-4 80×70×95 Double V 0.02 3.2
HSMV-5 101×70×95 Double V 0.02 4
HSMV-6 120×70×95 Double V 0.02 4.8