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Magnetic Decision Maker Ball Swing Pendulum Office Desk Decoration Toy Gift

/Magnetic Decision Maker Ball Swing Pendulum Office Desk Decoration Toy Gift
  • Magnetic Decision Maker Ball Swing Pendulum Office Desk Decoration Toy Gift

Magnetic Decision Maker Ball Swing Pendulum Office Desk Decoration Toy Gift, New Version Mini Fidget Finger Toys, Educational Magnets, Ultra Durable Sensory Cool Desk Magnetic Toys, Decision Maker Magnetic Decision Maker Interesting Office Decoration Perfect for Indecisive Moments Set China Manufacturer Supplier

Magnetic Decision Maker Ball Swing Pendulum Office Desk Decoration Toy Gift Part No.: HSMDM01
Key Features:
Made of plastic and metal
Measures approx. 9.4″ H x 4″ in diameter
It boasts a classic design with a large swirl on the decision-making platform
A novel and entertaining desk ornament (quite the crowd pleaser)

Boasts a sleek and classy design, ideal to use as a desk ornament
It’s easy to use; just nudge the ball with your finger
It has a mesmerising effect as the ball swirls to an anticipated stop

The answers are obviously more for fun than to be taken seriously
The item is quite flimsy and breaks easily under heavy usage

Product Features Made of Plastic and Metal Measures approx. 9.4″ H x 4″ in diameter Classic design with a large swirl of the decision pad “What should I do?” That is the question that most of us ask when we do not know what to do. If you want an answer to your questions then just ask the decision maker. This modern decision maker has all the answers to all your questions. Kids and adults love it!

Terrible at making decisions? Your magic 8-ball broken or lost? This swinging ball decision maker might be for you. This pendulum-like decision maker uses a ball that swings all around a circle below which is filled with answers to your questions, and whichever answer the ball sticks to once the momentum slows down is your decided answer.

Feeling slightly indecisive? Perhaps this magnetic fortune teller can set you at ease and assist you with your decision-making processes – all in the name of some good office fun? While I wouldn’t count on its accuracy and predictions, it’s quite the novel desk ornament and will pass some time during those moments of procrastination. And it is more handy that playing with a nerf gun in the office, right?

How it works: Kikkerland Magnetic Decision Maker uses a ball that spirals around a circular platform, this platform contains a number of answers (yes, no maybe, definitely, try again etc.) and as the ball slows in momentum, it will hover over its “chosen” answer. Magnetic Fidget Cube New Version Mini Fidget Finger Toys

Great alternative to the ancient yet entertaining 8-ball. Bought two at the same time. One as a birthday present for a friend my age and the other for my 9 year old son. They both like it a lot. It’s an original idea and decorative as well. Anticipation increases as you watch it teeter from one answer to another making it quite fun. Like most novelty items it’s not made of heavy metal but it is constructed well for the price. They both came in separate boxes with no problems. The one thing that did give me a slight fright was when I opened the first box to see if all was well with the product and this yellow, nearly translucent spider popped out and flew onto the wall. I did have my ceiling fan on so I think that’s what made the spider “move” because on closer inspection it was either a great acting arachnid or it was dead. Not to worry though, it was only about a half inch in diameter and since I have owned tarantulas in the past, my shock subsided quickly. Just be careful when opening packages as you never know when foreign creatures might be hanging out.

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