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Magnetic Coupling for Submersible Pumps

/Magnetic Coupling for Submersible Pumps
  • Magnetic Coupling for Submersible Pumps

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Magnetic Coupling for Submersible Pumps
HSMAG is a specialist in the production of permanent magnetic couplings in corrosion-resistant materials. We have always focused on providing maintenance-free solutions with unique advantages – both compared to mechanical solutions and other magnetic solutions.

Our couplings are used within, for example, the pump industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the chemical industry, the biotechnical industry and the food industry – usually with application in:

submersible pumps
circulation pumps
household pumps
wastewater pumps
industrial pumps
liquid systems
mixers and agitators
hydraulic and process technology

Pump Magnetic Couplings consist of an outer and inner drive and they do not touch one another. A coupling works via the non-contact transfer of power which means the magnetic solution, in contrast to the traditional, does not experience any wear. Therefore, the Magnetic Couplings are maintenance-free.

It’s possible to place a can between the two rotating units so that two different media can be kept separate. With the hermetic enclosure of the coupling in a stainless steel housing, corrosion is avoided and the coupling can operate directly as a wet runner in different liquids and environments. The outer drive is normally connected to the drive unit and the inner drive is, for example, connected to a pump.

What are magnetic couplings?

In a magnetic drive pump, the pumping element and fluid are contained within a hermetically sealed housing. The drive shaft from the motor rotates an assembly of magnets on the outside of the housing. Opposing this, on the inside of the housing, is a matching ring of magnets on the pump shaft (Figure 1). Torque is transferred through the housing as a result of the coupled magnets. The most important advantage of a magnetic coupling is that it allows the transmission of torque through a barrier without the use of rotating seals, along with the associated problems of leakage, potential contamination and continual maintenance.

Magnetic drives are available for rotodynamic centrifugal, turbine and side-channel pumps and positive displacement pumps including vane pumps, internal gear pumps, and external gear pumps and the basic principles and advantages are the same: the pumped fluid is contained within a hermetically sealed housing – the containment shell – eliminating the risk of leakage.

HangSeng Magnetech Magnetic couplings are high-quality products with an extremely long service life, no maintenance and high torque transfer. They are primarily used in three different ways
1st, to transfer mechanical work to a sealed container; Magnetic Couplings – Unthreaded Hole Type
2nd, to reduce the load on connected bearing systems;
3rd, as a torque limiter in, for example, gearboxes.

Advantages of Magnetic Coupling Axel Hole Type
• Maintenance-free
• Long service life
• Corrosion-free materials
• High torque transfer at limited volume
• Option of 100% sealed system
• Option of separating media
• High-temperature solutions
• Optional number of pole pairs
• Cost-effective

  • Customized is Available
  • Affordable price
  • Quality guaranteed
  • T/T or L/C accepted
  • Other payment accepted
  • Fast shipping, Worldwide delivery
  • 24-Hours excellent customer service
  • Offer free magnetic solution
  • Bulk discounts for larger orders

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