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Magnetic Barrel Mounting Fits LED Torches

/Magnetic Barrel Mounting Fits LED Torches
  • Magnetic Barrel Mounting Fits LED Torches

Magnetic Barrel Mounting Fits LED Torches, Magnetic Scope Flashlight Mount for Led Torch Lanterna, Outdoor Accessories Magnetic Flashlight Fixture, Magnetic Weapon Rifle Hunting Light Mount for Tactical Flashlight, Flashlight Holder with Magnetic Base Clip Torch Holder, Magnetic Flashlight Mounting Brackets Holders with Strong Magnets, Magnetic Tool Accessories China Supplier Factory

Magnetic Barrel Mounting Fits LED Torches, Magnet Tools & Assemblies Specifications:

Model #: HS-MFM-09
Tube diameter: 1 inch, i.e. fits all flashlight with 1″ body
Length: 2″
Width: 1.5″
Height: 2.25″
Weight: 3.8 oz
Compatible models:
P Series – P10GT, P12GT, P12GTS, P16 TAC, P30, P10 v2, P20 v2, New P30, New P12, P22R
MH Series – MH10 v2, MH12 v2, MH12GT, MH25GT, MH25GTS, MH12GTS
S Series – SRT7GT
C Series – CU6, CI6, CR6, CG6, CI7
Material: aluminum alloy
Finish: HAIII military grade hard-anodized

The Outdoor Outfitters Torch Scope Mount for LED Lenser and Coast Torches
After getting frustrated with the lack of mounting options for the most popular LED Torches we have come up with a fantastic easy to use mount. The black anodized aluminium finish matches the torch and any standard black scope’s finish.
Simply mount the included Quick-Detach scope ring onto any 1″ or 30mm scope tube. Then fit the torch mount’s weaver base to the scope ring. These are easy to install and mean you can easily remove your torch for the times when you don’t need it shooting.

This is a magnetic flashlight mounting on the barrel of a long gun. It fits perfectly on a rifle or shotgun, but you can also use it on other weapons. It is used for torches with body diameter between 23 and 26 mm and reflector diameter up to 70 mm. The flashlight is fastened with a single screw, which can be tightened quickly and comfortably by hand. The attachment to the barrel is provided by 3 strong neodymium magnets. Quickly adjust the position of the middle magnet using the adjustment wheel. The mounting fits smoothly onto the barrel.

• Quick removal & easy to install
• Magnet & silicone tape double lockout
• High quality silicone pad, shock reduction and anti-slip
• Mil-Spec HAIII anodizing aluminum alloy, strong and stable

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