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Magnet Injection Machine

/Magnet Injection Machine
  • DX-SERIES Magnet Injection Machine

Magnet Injection Machine

Magnetic Field Injection Machine
Clamping forces: 600 to 40,000 kN
Euromap standard layout
The hydraulic standard solution “HSMAG Magnet” focuses on the mass market and is the most popular injection molding machine series in China and other countries throughout the world. The robust machine concept is fitted with high quality components and offers reliability and overall production consistency.

Magnet Injection Machine Advantage:
Cost-effective: Best price/-performance ratio
Userfriendly: Latest control technology from KEBA
Reliable: European components for electronics, hydraulics, electrics and drive
Modular: Up to three injection units for each clamping force and different screw sizes available

Magnetic Field Injection Machine

Electric screw drive for high effieciency and low energy consumption
Fitted with the latest control technology from KEBA. Type 1075 for standard applications, type 4030 for complex injection molding process.
Clamping unit:
Proven 5-point double toggle
Free programmable core pullers with 1 to 6 circuits
Euromap standard layout
New developed integrated safety bar
Automatic mold height adjustment
Optimized machine guarding design for fast and easy mold changing
Injection unit:
Up to three injection units per clamping force
Free selection of variable screw sizes depending on application
Electric screw drive for increased plastification (optional)
Accumulator for increased injection performance (optional)
Sound-reduced and energy saving hydraulic pump
Oil filtration in the bypass for increased oil quality and intervals between oil changes
High-quality components for electronics, hydraulics, electrics and drive. magnetic field injection molding machine

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