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Magfilm Magnetic Fields Flexible Sheet

/Magfilm Magnetic Fields Flexible Sheet
  • Magfilm Magnetic Fields Flexible Sheet
  • Green Flexible Magnetic Feild Viewing Film

Magfilm Magnetic Fields Flexible Sheet, Neodymium Magnet Feild Viewer Film, Green  Magnetic Feild Viewing Film, High Definition Square Magnetic Viewing Paper, Magnetic Feild Detection Display, MagFilm See Magnetic Field with This Magic Film to Learn Magnetism. Applicable for Permanent Magnets

Magfilm Magnetic Fields Flexible Sheet – Magnetic Field Viewer Film is highly flexible and can wrapped arround objects. The film can also be laminated. It is NOT currently laminated. Encased within the green film are millions of Magnetic particles suspended in oil. A Magnet will attract the particles to the areas where the Magnet is the strongest – at its poles. The poles appear dark green. Multiple pole Magnets such as those on business card Magnets will display interesting patterns, such as the example pictured below. Keep away from children, pacemakers and other implants. Handle with care. Our magnets are made for the adult inventor, manufacturer, researcher, DIYer, problem solver, etc.

Magfilm shows the location and direction of magnetic fields. It is a thin flexible sheet, coated with micro-capsules containing nickel flakes suspended in oil. When magnetic lines of force are parallel to the surface of the carrier sheet, the surfaces of the flakes are reflective, and appear bright. When lines of force are perpendicular to the sheet, the flakes are edge-on, and appear significantly darker. When the film is placed on a magnet’s pole, the latter case applies, and most of the area of the pole appears dark. Green Flexible Magnetic Feild Viewing Film

Magnetic viewing film (also called magnetic viewing paper) is made of millions of tiny magnetic flakes suspended in clear oil. This oil is then sandwiched between two sheets of plastic. The magnetic viewing film can then be used to “see” the pattern of magnetization. Our size range is 3″ x 3″ – 36″ x 36″ parts No. , we can supply customer’s design size. Magnetic Field Viewer Film

When a magnet is placed under the viewing film, the tiny metal flakes respond to the magnetic field, forming shapes similar to the pattern of magnetization. The white line(s) show the separation between the north and south poles of the magnet. Add a ruler to the equation and you can measure poles per inch. Neodymium Magnet Feild Viewer Film

While multiple poles spaced closely together can increase holding power, they can reduce the reach of the magnet. Inversely, when fewer poles are present, magnetic reach increases, but on contact, holding power is reduced.

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Product Range

Part No. Dimensions in Inches Film Color
Length Width
HMAGF-01 3 3 Green
HMAGF-02 4 4 Green
HMAGF-03 6 2 Green
HMAGF-04 6 4 Green
HMAGF-05 6 6 Green
HMAGF-06 12 12 Green
HMAGF-07 24 24 Green
HMAGF-08 36 36 Green
Magnetic Field Viewing Films

Magnetic Field Viewing Films

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