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Liquid Line Magnetic Traps

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Liquid Line Magnetic Traps, Liquid Finger Trap Magnet, Metal Magnetic Separation from Liquid, Liquid Line Separator, Liquid Trap Magnets for Magnetic Separation

Liquid Line Magnetic Traps – Magnetic ferrous trap are widely used to remove ferromagnetic materials, Oxidizing Material for Liquid and slurry, and now is mainly used in food, chemical, electricity,  plastic, mining, environmental, metallurgy and ceramic,etc.

1, Easy-cleaning magnetic traps are made of superior material NdFeB magnet and #304,#316 stainless steel;
2, Expressing superior performance of magnetic field more than 12000GS;
3, The Professional design of trap magnet make scrap handling and installation of magnetic liquid traps more convenient;
4, The specification of Force magnetic ferrous traps can be customized by orders;
5, The main body of easy-cleaning magnetic trap is magnetic bars, which can stick the iron when the liquid flowing through the trap, to play an important role of removing iron.
6,  Liquid Traps may be installed horizontally, vertically, or on an angle without affecting their magnetic efficiency.

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Product Range

Part No. Material A(mm) B C Diameter / D(mm) E(mm) No. of Magnetic Bars Performance
LFTM-GD159 201# / 304# 200 DN65 DN65 159 25*190 8 10000GS
LFTM-GD219 201# / 304# 200 DN80 DN80 219 32*190 5 12000GS
LFTM-GD250 201# / 304# 200 DN159 DN159 250 25*190 10 10000GS
LFTM-GD300 201# / 304# 350 DN100 DN100 300 25*340 13 10000GS






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