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Linear Motor Magnetic Component

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Linear Motor Magnetic Component – Linear motors are a special class of synchronous brushless servo motors. They work like torque motors, but are opened up and rolled out flat. Through the electromagnetic interaction between a coil assembly (primary part) and a permanent magnet assembly (secondary part), the electrical energy is converted to linear mechanical energy with a high level of efficiency. Other common names for the primary component are motor, moving part, slider or glider, while the secondary part is also called magnetic way or magnet track.

Linear Motor Magnetic Component Features:
Simple structure
Direct drive, high positioning accuracy
Fast response, high sensitivity
Reliable safety, long service.
CNC fabricated steel plate
Anodized Alu cover
NdFeB permanent magnets
Unanimous magnetic performance of all magnets
Strict control on detailed dimensions
Size, number of magnets can be changed according to customer’s need
Well packed for comprehensive protection and easy re-sell

Applied in the automatic control system, drive motor in long-term continuous operation, or device which need strong linear motion in short time.

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The magnetic tracks used in PI linear motors are available in various lengths, they can be connected in series in order to realize any desired travel range. Single-sided or U-shaped magnetic tracks are available.
U-shaped magnetic tracks achieve higher magnetic field strengths and thus higher forces than single-sided magnetic tracks. If the magnets are additionally arranged as a Halbach array, the magnetic field strength can be increased by about 10% compared to a North Pole to South Pole arrangement. In addition, the iron counterplate can be omitted in a Halbach array, making these magnetic tracks significantly lighter. The advantages of using a Halbach array also apply to single-sided magnetic tracks. In this case, the use of Halbach arrays minimizes stray fields on the rear side. PI offers carbon supports for applications that require ultra-light magnetic tracks.  Linear Motor Magnetic Track

The winding body of ironless linear motors does not have an iron core. This means that there are no attracting forces between the coil and the magnet assembly and cogging does not occur. The lack of an iron core also reduces the weight of the motor itself. Since there is no cogging that affects the guides and feed velocity, and the winding body is lighter, ironless motors are characterized by high travel accuracy, high velocity stability, and high accelerations. Power and dynamics requirements can be met by increasing the number or the dimension of the motor coils. In most cases, ironless motors achieve lower nominal and peak forces than iron-core motors. This is due to the lack of thermally conductive metals in the design and the resulting limited heat dissipation from the coils. The motors are, therefore, protected against overload by means of temperature sensors.

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