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Latch Ceramic Channel Magnets

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Latch Ceramic Channel Magnets, Ceramic Magnetic Channel Assembly, Holding Power Ceramic Channel Magnets, Channel Magnet, Latch Magnet Assemblies

Latch Ceramic Channel Magnets Feature:
Part No.: HSCM-C07
Material: Rectangular Iron Shell, Ceramic/ Ferrite Magnets
Ceramic Magnet Grade: C8
Surface Treatment: NiCuNi Plating or Zinc-plated
Size: 152.4mm x 38.1mm x 12.1mm with two holes (6.000″ x 1.500″ x 0.475″)
Force Pull (LBS): 100
Fixing: 4mm Screws
Max Working Temperature: 180℃ or as per needs
100lbs. maximum pull from the magnetic surface when in flush contact with a mild steel surface of equal thickness to the magnet
Innovative rectangular design with steel casing which greatly increases performance
The magnet’s north pole is on the centre of the magnet’s face with the south pole on the outer edge meaning both poles are on the same face
Ferrite (Y30BH) steel-cased channel magnet with central fixing hole
Resistant to corrosion so no extra coating required

Channel Assembly magnets use a steel channel along with ceramic block magnets to create a powerful magnetic field on the open side of the channel. These magnets are perfect as tool racks, guides, hold downs on flat steel surfaces.

Latch Magnet Assemblies
A strong ceramic magnet is positioned between two zinc-plated metal pieces, providing much more strength than the magnet by itself. Useful as a powerful door latches, as well as holding name plates, fixtures, signs, display pieces and other ferrous metal items.

Magnetism is confined to one face only, where it is concentrated to give the maximum holding force possible for the size of the magnet. The steel shell significantly increases the clamping force of the assembly making them excellent value for money. Channel magnets are supplied with a plain hole for convenient mounting located in the middle of the magnet or at either end depending on the size.

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Product Range




Part No. L(mm) W(mm) H(mm) Dimensions (inch) Pull Force(LBS.)
HSCM-C06 203.2 26.7 11.5 8.000″ x 1.050″ x 0.455″ 60
HSCM-C07 152.4 38.1 12.1 6.000″ x 1.500″ x 0.475″ 100
HSCM-C08 304.8 43.7 15.7 12.000″ x 1.720″ x 0.620″ 150
HSCM-C09 304.8 38.1 11.6 12.000″ x 1.500″ x 0.455″ 110
HSCM-C010 375.9 34.9 15.9 14.800″ x 1.375″ x 0.625″ 175
HSCM-C011 666.8 31.8 14.3 26.250″ x 1.250″ x 0.562″ 325
HSCM-C012 76 31.8 12.7 3.000″ x 1.250″ x 0.500″ 30
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