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Large Plastic Nailing Plates

/Large Plastic Nailing Plates
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Large Plastic Nailing Plates, Concrete Plastic Nailing Plate, Plastic Holding Discs, Transport Anchor System, Large Nailing Plate Connections for Concrete, Round Plastic Nailing Plate for Wooden Formwork

Plastic Nailing Plates are for use with wooden formwork and are simply nailed to the mould in the correct position and the anchor screwed on. For security when pouring, it is advisable to tie the anchor into the mesh or re-bar cage.

Our plastic nailing plates are used to fix socket anchors to the formwork. The recess formed by the nailing plate is perfect for our threaded transport anchor system.

Use PRECHEM formwax on the nailing plate to aid removal.

The Large diameter nailing plate should always be used where the precast unit will be lifted using the LPRS (Swivel Lifting Eye) The extra large recess formed using the large plates allows the pressure plate of the LPRS to sit against the concrete.

These are a short-term, re-usable item and provide a cost effective solution. They are avilable in M12 to M52 threads and metric products work with Rd inserts.

Please refer to HSMAG’s Precast Product Guide and Technical Manual for further technical information.

For attaching internally threaded anchors to formworks

Plastic holding discs have standard Plastic Nailing Plate and large Plastic Nailing Plate. its are especially suited for attaching internally threaded anchors such as threaded anchors, wave anchors, socket anchors etc. to wood or veneer formworks. The holding disc in nailed to the formwork after which the anchor is screwed into place.

The benefits and specifications of holding discs
suitable for attaching all types of threaded anchors to formworks
discs for all thread sizes M/Rd10 – M/Rd52

Our product range
Holding disc TPK
M-thread (suitable for Rd-threaded anchor)
Sizes M10 – M52
10 – 12 mm indentation in the concrete depending on thread size
Holding disc TPM
without thread
Sizes M12 – M20
15 mm indentation in the concrete

Recommended accessories
Anchors suitable for plastic holding discs
Threaded anchors
Wave anchors DWL and DWK
Lifting anchors SNA
Socket anchors HA and HAL

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Product Range

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