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Strong Lamination Rare Earth Magnet for Motors

/Strong Lamination Rare Earth Magnet for Motors
  • Lamination Rare Earth Magnet for Motors

Lamination Rare Earth Magnet for Motors, wedge shaped Lamination magnet series, segment laminated neodymium & SmCo magnets, Magnet segmentation technology high-resistivity magnet China manufacturer

Part No. HSLAMIM-21 Lamination rare earth magnet is proved that it can reduce the eddy current loss for the high-efficiency motors. The reduction of the eddy current loss can decrease the heat and enhance the efficiency. Nowadays, new-energy Auto, aerospace as well as Intelligent industrial robot markets are addicted to pursuing the balance of motor power and calorific value, so the demand of lamination rare earth magnet has kept increasing. With respect to your designing team and project requirement, we can help you to realize the magnetic customization of the following contents by using the licensed process manufactured lamination rare earth magnet in HSMAG Magnetics:

Insulation thickness:50-100μm
Insulation layers:Layer(Magnet thickness limits the layers)
Max working temp. of the magnet:60-400℃
Temp.Resistance of the magnet surface coating:200-500℃
Corrosion resistance of the magnet surface coating:Neutral salt spray resistance can be over 1000hrs and PCT can be over 500hrs.
We can also provide magnetic assembly, even the complete motor rotor.

Magnet segmentation technology is a very practical way to make high-resistivity magnet without changing the composition of the magnet.
High grade Customized Segment Laminated Neodymium Magnet For Motor, Laminated Magnet Assembly
The consumption of motor is the greatest among the rotating machinery. The eddy current losses are one of the worst enemies to high-speed rare earth permanent magnet motor. The eddy current will give rise to the temperature of the rare earth permanent magnet, then the magnet will be demagnetized, therefore influence the work efficiency of the motor. As the metallic material, the rare earth permanent magnet has lower electrical resistance, and it also become the direct source of eddy current losses.

The possibility of magnetic application seems be endless. Permanent magnet can be used in Low-speed torque motor, Starting motor, sensors, and magnetic bearing. The advantages of permanent magnet produce all kinds of magnetic application solution in the daily life, which stimulates our creative thinking. Segment Lamination SmCo Magnet

Our Experienced material engineers and magnetic application engineers are available. We support every challenge in all magnetic application fields. We can help you realize the following matters:
The lectotype and development of lamination magnet for high-efficiency motors
The designing and production of magnetic assembly.

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