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Bruker Magnet Laboratory Electromagnet

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  • Bruker Magnet Laboratory Electromagnet

Bruker Magnet Laboratory Electromagnet, Double-Tuning Adjustable Air Gap Electromagnet, Laboratory Parallel-pole Dipole Electromagnet

The magnetic field is both-way adjustable, it is a one yoke design, magnetic field direction is horizontal, Product up-right seat so that have a very wide working place to operation or connect with other equipment. so it is a very common design. Apply to Hall effect studies, magnetoresistance effect studies, magnetostriction studies, torque magnetometer, force method magnetometer, VSM, magnetisability measuring equipment, magnetic materials measuring equipment etc.

Name of parts

1: Horizontal yoke
2: Vertical yoke
3: coil
4: Pole Cap Surface
5: Pole Cap
6: Handle
7: Pole Sleeve

A: Coil Gap
B: Pole Gap
C: Center Height
D: Horizontal distance of Diameter
E: Coil Diameter

DXWD-50 Laboratory Electromagnet

1, The electromagnet is a double-twisted single-yoke structure, the vertical seat, the magnetic field in the horizontal direction, the line spacing 80mm, pole diameter 50mm, magnetic field air gap adjustable range 0 ~ 80mm.
2,The diameter of the pole is 50mm, when the air gap is 10mm, the central magnetic field Hmax = 1.0T
3, The electromagnetic use of natural cooling structure, when the magnetic pole spacing of 10mm, magnetic field ≥ 1.0T, the continuous working time of 30 minutes, the temperature is less than 30 ℃, magnetic 0.6T can work for a long time;
4, The electromagnet DC power supply is 0.3KW; (10A, 30V)
5, The weight of the electromagnet is about 35Kg

The electromagnet in the Magnet Laboratory consists of a Bruker Magnet B-E 15, and a Heinzinger PTN 125-40 magnet power supply. These can be used to generate magnetic fields of up to about 1 Tesla. The field strength depends on the current and the distance between the poles of the magnet (Air gap). This distance can be adjusted by turning the handles on the sides of the magnet.

In the electromagnet, an insulated wire is coiled around a ferromagnetic core and a current through the wire creates a magnetic field according to Ampere’s law. The ferromagnetic core has a large permeability which increases the field by a factor of up to several thousand due to the alignment of the magnetic domains. The ferromagnetic core is a soft magnet with a low coercive field so that there is only a small amount of magnetic hysteresis.

The magnet can be driven with a maximum continuous current of 30 A. The Heinzinger PTN 125-40 is a DC power supply that can provide currents up to 40 A so make sure to limit the current to 30 A. The magnet has two coils with a total resistance of 3 Ohm (1.5 Ohm each) so the voltage needed for maximal magnetic field is at 90 V. The magnet is water cooled and has to be cooled the whole time it is in use. Before using it make sure to open first the water drainage valve and then the water inlet valve.

This figure shows how magnetic field depends on the current when the air gap is 5 cm. The magnetic field was measured with a Magnet Physik FH54 magnetometer. At a magnet power supply current of 30 A, a magnetic field of 1.03 T is generated. The relation between the magnetic field (magnetic flux density) and the power supply current is linear up to approximately 20 A. For larger currents, the relation is non-linear as the magnetization approaches the saturation magnetization.

The magnetic field is not homogeneous inside the entire air gap, it is homogeneous (with a deviation < 1 %) inside a cylinder with a diameter of about 7 cm in the center and has a steep drop at the edges of the magnetic poles. The figures below show the homogeneity of the field and the set-up that was used to make this measurement.

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