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Knob Ferrite Posting Magnets

/Knob Ferrite Posting Magnets
  • knob ferrite magnet with rubber cover

Posting Magnets, Knob Ferrite Magnet with Rubber Cover, Ceramic Round Base Magnet with Knob and Rubber Cover, Handle Magnets, Magnetic Holder with Knob

Posting Magnets – Knob Ferrite Magnet – Magnetic pot with rubber cover are usually used on metal sheets with sensitive surface (e. G. Varnished, chromed, nickel plated and so on). The rubber protects the surfaces from scratching (in case the surfaces are clean). Apart from that, a high degree of lateral adhesion can be caused by the high coefficient of adhesion of rubber against the metallic surfaces.

These magnetic pads are accepted as being the best method for holding signs (Learner driver and taxi) on the roofs of cars, whether on the garage forecourt or driving around on the roads. The configuration of magnets depends upon the size and shape of the sign being affixed to the roof. The rubber cap helps prevent marking vehicle surfaces and aids sheer grip.

The rubber protects the surfaces from scratching.

We can supply Ferrite, Neodymium Iron Boron and Samarium Cobalt arc segments. Which material is used depends on the required torque, maximum operating temperature, environmental conditions and cost.

Custom Design Knob Magnet with Rubber Cover available. Please contact us by E-mail us or call 86-574-27667267 for any size and design you need.

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Model: Rubber covered magnets with knob
Material: Ferrite
Coating: Galvanized steel
Diameter: 57 mm
Height:  35 mm with handle
Tolerance:  + / – 0,1 mm
Pull Force:  ca. 27 kg
Weight:  ca. 170 g

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