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Irregular Shape Ceramic Magnets

/Irregular Shape Ceramic Magnets
  • Irregular Shape Ceramic Magnets

Irregular Shape Ceramic Magnets, Special Shape Ferrite Magnets, Customized Shaped Ferrite Magnets, Irregular shape Hard Ferrite Magnets, Triangle or Five Stars Magnets, Custom Design Ceramic Magnet China Supplier

Irregular Shape Ceramic Magnets also known as ceramic custom magnets, are offered in a wide range of sizes, dimensions and different proportions or scales. Our customized shaped ferrite magnets are a low cost but versatile and multipurpose type of magnet.

Various shaped ferrite magnets/Irregular Shape Ceramic Magnets
1.Good anti-corrosion performances
2.No surface treatments
3.All shapes and sizes can be customized

1.Material: ferrites ,Strontium,etc.
2.Grade: Y25,Y30,Y30BH, C5, C8, etc.
3.Size: It will be different according to client’s requirement;
4.Shape: Arc,Tile,Block,Bar,Ring,Cube, Rectangular or others.
5.Application:Widely used in ammeter,speaker,audio,phone,TV,dynamo,etc.

1.Cheapest magnet material
2. Good anti-corrosion performance, no surface treatment needed
3.Excellent temperature stability
4.Compact crystal
5.Could provide isotropic and anisotrpic

HSMAG has complete in-house capabilities to manufacture custom, engineered to order Ceramic / Ferrite magnets from your prints and specifications. Whether your custom application requires quick turn prototypes or a large volume production run, we have the equipment, technical expertise, and trained personnel to manufacture custom Ceramic magnets (also known as Ferrite magnets) and magnetic assemblies to your drawings and specifications.

Although some magnet companies have eliminated their manufacturing capability and rely on distribution type sales to reduce overhead, we understand the customer’s need to present a finished print and specification to a vendor with a capacity to deliver highly engineered Ceramic magnets and Ceramic magnet assemblies.

When researching new potential vendors to manufacture your custom Ferrite magnet or magnetic assembly, keep in mind that typical details found in common commercially machined or formed materials such as aluminum, steel alloy, brass, etc., are usually challenging to replicate in ceramic magnets. Critical specifications indicated on your drawing are often ignored by most magnet distributors.

The operational performance of a magnet material can be very challenging to predict. As a result, the Ceramic used for your custom application may experience one or more of the following challenges:

Environmentally unstable (Highly reactive and prone to oxidation)
Gain or lose magnetic field relative to the operational temperature fluctuations
Can experience irreparable harm at extreme temperature exposures
Challenging to fabricate because conventional machine tools and machining methods are not feasible.
Challenging to design because the magnetic field density and force are not linear relative to distance.
Magnetic fields can create hazards for personal and some electronic equipment.
Magnet alloy is difficult to machine, so common methods of retainment such as tapped holes, shoulders, through holes, and tapers are expensive to employ.

If your potential vendor does not discuss these common manufacturing challenges during quotation, you may be entering into a partnership with an order taker rather than finding a vendor capable of serving as your advocate, protecting your project from the common pitfalls associated with the manufacture of custom ceramic magnets. HANGSENG Magnetic Tech will provide a quote as per your drawing, observing the indicated details and specifications, and/or open a dialog, questioning the potential issues. Special Shape Ferrite Magnets

  • Customized is Available
  • Affordable price
  • Quality guaranteed
  • T/T or L/C accepted
  • Other payment accepted
  • Fast shipping, Worldwide delivery
  • 24-Hours excellent customer service
  • Offer free magnetic solution
  • Bulk discounts for larger orders

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