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Iron Powder U Core

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Mode: U Cores ( Iron Powder U Core)
Composite: Iron powder
Temperature Effects:
The working temperature of iron powder core is between -65℃-125℃.When the working temperature rises than 150℃,the organic adhesive will begin to decompose,resulting in the degradation of the device’s performance and shortening of devices’s life.The severity of the degrading depends on the time,temperature,size of the iron powder core,working frequency and the flux density.
High frequency chokes
Output chokes for switching power supplies
Conducted EMI noise filters
Pulse transformers
DC output/inpit chokes
Light dimmer chokes
Power factor correction inductors

Introduce of U core

High Flux cores are composed of compacted 50% nickel and 50% iron alloy powder. The base material is similar to the regular nickel iron lamination in tape wound cores. High Flux cores have higher energy storage capabilities, and higher saturation flux density. Their saturation flux density is around 15,000 gauss (1500 MT), about the same as iron powder cores. High Flux cores offer slightly lower core loss than Sendust. However, High Flux’s core loss is quite a bit higher than MPP cores. High Flux cores are most commonly used in application where the DC bias current is high. However, it is not as readily available as MPP or Sendust, and are limited in their permeability choices or size selections. The U core has low iron losses and large fill factor, and offers an economical core design with a nearly uniform cross-sectional area. The surfaces of U-shaped cores are treated with antirust material. We suggest the user to carefully store the untreated products to avoid moist and rain.

Application of U core

U cores are frequently used in output chokes, power input filters and transformers for switched-mode power supplies and HF florescent ballasts.

Iron Powder Core, Toroidal core, Metal Core offers simple, compact solution for making inductors, coupled inductors, transformer.
Iron Powder toroidal Core (Metal Core) is the most efficient configuration due to its highly shelf-shielding characteristic.Iron powder toroidal core is seldom necessary to shield a toroidal inductor as most of the flux lines are contained within the core. Bus Bar Core

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Product Range



YU61-26 core 71.0 15.5 22.9 6.35 13.0 4.95 5.33 5.66 315 1.81
YU61-75 core 71.0 15.5 22.9 6.35 13.0 4.95 5.33 5.66 .315 1.81
YU80-8 core 42.4 20.3 31.8 6.35 19.1 6.35 7.62 7.87 .403 3.18
YU80-35 core 42.4 20.3 31.8 6.35 18.1 6.35 7.62 7.87 .403 3.18
YU80-75 core 71.0 20.3 31.8 6.35 18.1 6.35 7.62 7.87 .403 3.18
YU80-22 core 37.5 20.3 31.8 6.35 18.1 6.35 7.62 7.87 .403 3.18
YU80-60 core 64.0 20.3 31.8 6.35 18.1 6.35 7.62 7.87 .403 3.18
YU80-75A core 70.0 20.3 31.8 6.35 18.1 6.35 7.62 7.87 .403 3.18
YU350-40 235.5 88.9 146.1 25.4 82.6 25.4 38.1 35.6 6.45 250


YU61-YU80 ±0.25 ±0.25 ±0.25 ±0.25 ±0.25 ±0.25
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