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Iron-Chrome-Cobalt Flat Magnets ( Pian FeCrCo)

/Iron-Chrome-Cobalt Flat Magnets ( Pian FeCrCo)
  • Iron-Chrome-Cobalt-Flat-magnets-(FeCrCo)
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Iron-Chrome-Cobalt Flat Magnets ( Pian FeCrCo), Flat FeCrCo Magnets, Fe-Cr-Co

FeCrCo – Iron Chrome Cobalt is malleable is easier to machine than Alnico.
The maximum recommended operating temperature is typically around +400 °C
Fe-Cr-Co can be hot deformed.
Iron Chrome Cobalt Magnets has a Hc varying typically from 50kA/m to 300kA/m.
The value of Hc produced depends on the method of the final heat treatment (timescale, temperature and quench rate).
Fe-Cr-Co usually does not require any corrosion coating.

Iron-Chrome-Cobalt magnets have similar properties to cast Alnico 5 but, unlike cast alnico, the magnets are actually reasonably malleable. The magnet material is semi-hard magnetically and exists in bar, rod, wire and also as thin rolled strip. Typical Applications include Compasses and Hysteresis coupling applications e.g. a multi-pole permanent magnet rotor turning a disc by hysteresis. FeCrCo is a replacement for CuNiFe magnetic material (CuNiFe is not commercially available any more). This material is made to order.

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