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Ion Vapor Deposition Technology SmCo Block Aluminum Coated Magnets

/Ion Vapor Deposition Technology SmCo Block Aluminum Coated Magnets

Ion Vapor Deposition Technology SmCo Block Aluminum Coated Magnets for Motor Actuator Sensor, Custom Aluminium Plating SmCo Magnet, High Performance Permanent Rare Earth Samarium Cobalt Aluminum Plated Rectangle Magnet China Supplier

Product name: Ion Vapor Deposition Technology SmCo Block Aluminum Coated Magnets
Application: aerospace, military, electric vehicles, actuators, motors, coupling
Coating: None or Nickel if requested
Keyword: SmCo, Samarium Cobalt Magnet
Composite: Rare Earth Samarium Cobalt
Shape: Bar, Block, Ring, Disc, Segment
Material Grade: SmCo5 , Sm2Co17
Max Working Temp: +150 – +180 Degree

Introduction of Ion Vapor Deposition Technology SmCo Block Aluminum Coated Magnets
From the perspective of anti-corrosion and mechanical strength, the aluminum coating is an ideal choice for NdFeB magnet. The superiorities of aluminum coating includes:

The potential difference between aluminum and NdFeB substrate is very low, and could not be formed electrochemical corrosion.
There is a corrosion resistance, homogenous and dense layer will be generated on the aluminum coating under the atmospheric environments.
Aluminum is the most abundant element in the earth’s crust.
The corrosion products of aluminum coating arenon-toxic.
The corrosion resistance, colour and abrasion of aluminum coating will be further enhanced by the subsequent anodizing and electrolytic colouring.

Manufacture of vapor deposition (IVD) aluminum coating magnet
The aluminum wire is fed into the resistively heated source and vaporized with the help of high strength direct current. Hot aluminum vapors condense to form an aluminum coating on the surface of NdFeB magnet, then build to the prescribed thickness gradually.

For NdFeB magnet, its aluminum plating process contains ion vapor deposition technology and ion liquid electrodeposit. In fact, the application of ion liquid electrodeposit in NdFeB industry is not yet implemented, and all of the aluminum coating magnet are manufactured by ion vapor deposition technology. Sintered Neodymium Magnet
Background of ion vapor deposition (IVD) aluminum coating

The ion vapor deposition (IVD) aluminum coating was developed by Mcdonnell Douglas Corporation for Unites States Air Force. The original intention of the aluminum coating is to replace the historically cadmium coating in aerospace and commercial market.

The basic features of ion vapor deposition (IVD) aluminum coating magnet
Appearance: Bright silver.
Coating thickness: 10-30μm.
Salt spray testing: More than 100 hrs.
Temp. & Humid. : More than 500hrs.
PCT & HAST: More than 200hrs.
Operating Temperature: Less than 400 deg. C.

Advantages of  Ion Vapor Deposition (IVD) Aluminum Coating Neodymium Magnet
Thickness uniformity is good.
Extremely high temperature resistance.
Free of hydrogen embrittlementduring the coating
Superior anti-corrosion capability.
No formation of loose white rust.
Aluminum coating hasexcellent adhesive endurance.
Aluminum coating has very low outgassing which works well in vacuum applications.

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