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Injection Ferrite Seat Motor Sensor Magnet

/Injection Ferrite Seat Motor Sensor Magnet
  • Injection Ferrite Seat Motor Sensor Magnet

Injection Ferrite Seat Motor Sensor Magnet, Sensor Magnets for Car Adjusting Motor Seats, Bonded Ferrite PPS Automotive Seat Motor Magnet, Injection Moulding Ferrite Magnet for Automotive Seat Motor China supplier

Injection Ferrite Seat Motor Sensor Magnet Features:
Coating PPS+Epoxy
Material Ferrite+ binder resin
Size Customize
Shape Customize as client’s drawing
Density 3.3-3.8g/cm³
Packing Standard sea or air packing, such as carton, iron, wooden box, etc.
Delivery date 15-20 days for samples; 20-25 days for mass goods.

Injection plastic-bonded ferrite magnet is a new kind of composite permanent-magnetic material with features of flexible shaping, dimensional precision, adjustable magnetic properties, fine coherence, composite molding, elastic magnetization and high mechanical strength.

Injection plastic-bonded magents are now widely applied to core components and parts of micro machine, location sensors, buzzer, contactless distributor for automotive and home appliance industry.

Mold Flow Simulation Technology

Manufacturers can obtain the date by injection molding simulation software, then start evaluating the feasibility of mould designing, and ultimately the designing of mould and product. Cooling Water Pump Magnets

Self-owned Mould Machining Workshop

The self-owned mould machining workshop will guarantee the manufacture, maintenance and repair of mould. The mould structure of water pump magnet is much more complex than simple injection molding magnet, and the high precision machining equipment is necessary for its manufacture.

Injection molded magnets are available using ferrite, neodymium-iron-boron, or blends of magnetic materials to achieve an extensive range of properties. Binder types include Nylon 6 and 12, PPS, and Polyamide. The binders and magnetic alloys are capable of a wide range of application temperatures from below -40° C to above 180° C. The Injection molding process is particularly well suited to molding very intricate shapes and thin walled parts. The finished parts can be either very simple or complex in geometry.

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