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Industry Sintered Neodymium Cylindrical Magnet

/Industry Sintered Neodymium Cylindrical Magnet
  • Sintered Neodymium Cylindrical Magnet

Industry Sintered Neodymium Cylindrical Magnet, N50M Cylinder Permanent Magnet, Licensed Magnets Neodymium Iron Boron Rod Magnet for Motor, Magnetic Bar Rods

Industry Sintered Neodymium Cylindrical Magnet Feature:
1. Physical Properties of Permanent Neodymium Licensed Magnets:
a.Neo Magnets are the strongest magnets in the world. They can lift up to 1000 times theirs own weight.
b.Neo Magnets are easy to machine, compared to Alnico and SmCo magnets.
c.Neo Magnets are with high resistance to demagnetization.
2.Magnetic characteristics of Permanent Neodymium Magnet: N33-N52, N33M-N50M, N33H-N48H, N33SH-N48SH, N33UH-N38UH.
3.Shape: Disc, Ring, Block, Segment, Cylinder, Trapezoid, Customized Design(Design proper magnets for clients specific requirements)
4.Tolerance: +/-0.05mm for small dimensions, +/-0.1mm for common specifications, +/-0.15mm for big blocks
5.Coating: Ni, Ni-Cu-Ni, Zn, Epoxy, Parylene, etc.
Plating Type Overall Thickness Salt Spray Test Pressure Cooker Test
NiCuNi (Nickel Copper Nickel) 15-21 μm 24 hours 48 hours
NiCu + Black Nickel 15-21 μm 24 hours 48 hours
NiCuNi + Epoxy 20-28 μm 48 hours 72 hours
NiCuNi + Gold 16-23 μm 36 hours 72 hours
NiCuNi + Silver 16-23 μm 24 hours 48 hours
Zinc 7-15 μm 12 hours 24 hours
6.Applications: Motors, Generators,Neodymium Pot,Speakers,Sensors,Earphones and other musical instruments,Magnetic therapy devices,Magnetic Chuck,Other magnetic applications.
Disc Diameter Thickness
Maximum 220.00mm 50.00mm
Minimum 0.30mm 0.50mm
Block Length Width Thickness
Maximum 50.00mm 150.00mm 50.00mm
Minimum 1.00mm 0.50mm 0.50mm
Ring Outer Diameter Inner Diameter Thickness
Maximum 220.00mm 80.00mm 50.00mm
Minimum 1.00mm 0.60mm 0.50mm
Segment, Arc and other irregular shapes can be made according to customer’s sample or drawing

N52 Rare Earth Neodymium Cylinder Magnets The most powerful rare earth magnets available, sintered NdFeB is produced by powder metallurgical process with chemical composition of Nd2Fe14B, which are hard, brittle and easily corrode, involving the sintering of compacts under vacuum. Poorest corrosion resistance of all commercial magnetic material. Grinding and slicing possible; very reactive with moisture and oxygen; coating may be applied depending on the expected environment. The sintered NdFeB magnet has high remanence, high coercive force, high-energy product and high ratio between performance value and product cost. It may be easily formed into various sizes.

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