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Industry Magnetic Circuit

/Industry Magnetic Circuit
  • Industry Magnetic Circuit

Industry Magnetic Circuit, scientific instruments magnetic circuits, permaent magent generators security sytem magnetic circuits, magtron sputtering system magnetic circuits, general indutry control magnetic circuits

Industry Magnetic Circuit With rich experience of over 10 years, HANGSENG Magtech has the ability to supply all kinds of magnetic circuits for different applications
magnetic circuits for scientific instruments
magnetic circuits for magtron sputtering system
magnetic circuits for security sytem
magnetic circuits for general indutry control
magnetic circuits for scientific research

Choosing magnetic circuit made by HSMAG, you will enjoy:
* professional suggestion both on feasibility and economy of your orginal design
* Perfect assemblying Quality according your original design
* Fast delivery for your prototyping
* Competitive price which will help you to save great money

permaent magent generators which is suitable for driven by following equipment to
Driven by Wind Power ——–Wind turbine
Driven by Water Power ——- Hydro generator
Driven by Belt with Motors
Driven by Motor
Dirven by perpetual motion machine
Dirven by test plant
Dirven by yourselves creation
Driven the permanent magnet generator and make it rotate then it can generate power

Advantage Magnetic Motor Parts – Outer Rotor DK Series
1. Rare earth Nd-Fe-B permanent magnet generator. energy save energy more than 15% than ordinary generators.
2. Permanent magnet rotor structure, no excitation winding, no carbon brushes, no slip rings, no need gear box. Simple structure, reliable ,durable and Maintenance free.
3. Multi poles design, improve the frequency and efficiency of rectifiers and inverters. Saving cost .
4. Started directly, without control cabinet, replace the asynchronous motor totally.
5. H class insulation, vacuum pressure impregnation.
6. Use SKF bearings
7. Power factor close to 1,no need add power factor compensation equipment.
8. Small heat, aslo can add fan cooling or water cooling
9. Long life time >20years, Strong rotors, could run at high speed.24hours 365days running.
10. Energy-saving, return investment within 1-2years.

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  • Offer free magnetic solution
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