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Industrial Use Permanent Magnet Gear

/Industrial Use Permanent Magnet Gear
  • Industrial Use Permanent Magnet Gear

Industrial Use Permanent Magnet Gear, HSANP or HSANV series Magnet Gear / Magnetic Wheel, linear magnetic gears (LMGs), coaxial magnetic gears (CMGs), and axial magnetic gears (AMGs), Magnetic Rotor Starter, STATOR ROTOR MAGNET FLYWHEEL ALTERNATOR, Flywheel Magneto Rotor Starter Clutch Gear Bearing Magnets Supplier

Industrial Use Permanent Magnet Gear Features:
Core Components: Gear
Material: Permanent magnet + Steel
Product Name: Permanent Magnet Gear
Application: All kinds of industrial machine
Type: Magnet Gear
Color: Silver and Black
Tolerance: Custom Drawing
Series: HSANP or HSANV series
Quality: Durable, No Noise
Surface treatment: Anodizing
Working temperture: up to 150℃
OEM:Client’s Request

We supply motor parts of gluing permanent magnets to metal body according to customers’ requirements.
We are professional in permanent magnet production,and we are able to control the quality of other components too.
We have modern assembly line and first rate machining equipment like CNC lathe, internal grinder, plain grinder, milling machine and so on.
With the advantage of material and labor cost in China,we are providing cost-saving solution for clients in motor fields.
Magnetic stator mainly used for industrial automatic equipment, D/C motor, shaft-currency electric fan motor, transmission, condition motor and so on.
We supply a wide range of magnetic rotor, magnetic stator and magnetic motor parts. We supply pre-assembled motor parts with glued permanent magnets and metal body according to customers requirements. We have modern assembly line and first rate machining equipments, including CNC lathe, internal grinder, plain grinder, milling machine and so on.
permanent magnet motor stator parts has been presented above, want more similar products, please click motor stator,motor magnetic stator,magnet Motor stator part.  Powerful Disc Neodymium Magnet Assembly in Plastic Case

Magnetic gears are products that are driven in a clean environment in a non-contact state. An alternative to mechanical gears driven by friction.

Magnetic wheels can fundamentally put an end to the use of conventional mechanical gear generated particles of the problem. In addition, the use of high-performance neodymium iron boron permanent magnet, the biggest advantages in performance, power transmission capacity, no noise and no need to replace parts, semi-permanent use.

Solves the problem of causing no damage even if an abnormal load occurs.

Magnetic wheel from large machines to vacuum machines, electronics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and other vast areas, has a wide range of applications.

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