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Industrial Descaling Magnetic Water Treatment Equipment

/Industrial Descaling Magnetic Water Treatment Equipment
  • Magnetic Water Treatment Descaling Equipment

Industrial Descaling Magnetic Water Treatment Equipment, Cooling Water Magnetizer Equipment, 15000 Gauss Magnetic Water Treatment Devices Agricultural Irrigation Greenhouse Irrigation SUS316, Anti-corrosive Magnetic Water Softener Hardness Removal

Industrial Descaling Magnetic Water Treatment Equipment Feature:
Part No.: MWTC-2.5
Inlet and outlet: 65mm / 2.5″
Dimension(diameter*length): 159×450 mm
Flow rate: 28 m3/h
Vertical center: 160 strong magnetism (mt)
Max Working temperature (℃): 90
weight: 40 kg
Material: Strong Neodymium Magnets and Housing SUS 304/316/316L
Connection Mode: Flange Or Thread
Magnetic Intensity: 10000-15000Gauss OR MORE

Neodymium magnets
The neodymium magnets used in our water treatment systems are the strongest permanent magnets available. We use two blocks that measure 2 inch by 1 inch by 0.5 inch to help purify your water. The individual pulling force of each magnet is approximately 70 pounds! What this means is that particles passing through the field have a much greater chance of avoiding pipe walls compared to systems using ceramic magnets.

Industrial Descaling Magnetic Water Treatment Equipment
Tired of hard water problems?
Our magnetic water treatment systems are specifically designed to soften water by removing scale buildup in your pipes and hot water tank. You can prevent future buildup or even remove current buildup that has accumulated over the years. Purified water is healthy for humans, animals, and plants

How Industrial Descaling Magnetic Water Treatment Equipment works
Water is “hard” when it contains calcium, magnesium, lime scale, iron, bacteria, or minerals.
Over time, these particles will stick to pipe walls and begin to accumulate, forming scale buildup.
When a magnetic field is applied to the particles they become suspended in water, allowing them to flow with ease and avoid sticking to walls.
Our water treatment systems use powerful neodymium magnets to purify your water. Other systems use weaker, ceramic magnets. Neodymium magnets are seven times stronger than ceramic magnets!

What Is The Result?
When passing through the magnetic field, the macro-molecules are polarized in such a way that their conglomerate structure is deliberately disorganized so that their original molecular state of natural suspension in the water is re-established. After passing through this induced field, they will retain a residual magnetic charge for more than 30 hours (which is substantially longer than the water renewal cycle, which does not exceed 12 hours); they cannot therefore recoagulate. In the case of ferruginous water, ferrous and ferric welding residues, an anti-corrosion process is established (thus eliminating electrolysis phenomena.)

Industrial Descaling Magnetic Water Treatment Equipment Application
Agriculture Irrigation
Scale and Hardness Control
Golf Course & Turf Irrigation
Well Drilling and Pump & Well Maintenance
Natural Gas Combustion
Wastewater, and More!

Industrial Descaling Magnetic Water Treatment Equipment FAQ:
01. What is the capacity(m3/hour) you required for this equipment? or you could confirm diameter of the water pipe.
02. What is the material for this descaling equipment?
Ordinary carbon steel is Okay? stainless steel(SS304/SS316)?
Which means,what is the source of raw water to be treated?
03. What is the magnet power for it? ordinary 5000 gauss?or higher?


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Product Range


Specifications: (The practical dimension could be customized )

Part No. Inlet and outlet Dimension(mm) Flow rate Vertical center Working medium weight
mm inch diameter*length m3/h strong magnetism (mt) temperature (℃) Kg
MWTC-1 25 1 108×330 4.9 160 0-90 10
MWTC-1.5 40 1.5 108×330 12 160 0-90 20
MWTC-2 50 2 159×450 19 160 0-90 30
MWTC-2.5 65 2.5 159×450 28 160 0-90 40
MWTC-3 80 3 159×450 50 160 0-90 45
MWTC-4 100 4 219×560 80 160 0-90 50
MWTC-5 125 5 219×600 125 160 0-90 60
MWTC-6 150 6 273×740 180 160 0-90 70
MWTC-8 200 8 325×790 320 160 0-90 90
MWTC-10 250 10 377×850 480 160 0-90 110
MWTC-12 300 12 426×800 600 160 0-90 130
MWTC-14 350 14 478×950 750 160 0-90 160
MWTC-16 400 16 530×1000 850 160 0-90 210
MWTC-18 450 18 630×1050 950 160 0-90 260
MWTC-20 500 20 720×1100 1100 160 0-90 330
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