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Huge NdFeB Countersunk Holding Magnet 150x50x20mm

/Huge NdFeB Countersunk Holding Magnet 150x50x20mm
  • Huge NdFeB Countersunk Holding Magnet 150x50x20mm

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Rare Earth Huge NdFeB Countersunk Holding Magnet 150x50x20mm information:
Part No. HS-NBCM-150x50x20-10
Size (Length x Width x Height-Hole):150x50x20mm-10mm
Model Number: Permanent N35
Maximum Temp: 80°C
Magnetic pole direction:Axially magnetized / Poles on Flat Ends
Package Standard export package
A Neodymium magnet also known as NdFeB are the most widely used type of rare earth magnet.
Please note that by their very nature, neodymium magnets are brittle and do break easily if not handled carefully. Please take care when using.

Do not swallow, Please keep away from small children and babies
Keep magnets away from electronic devices and magnetics strips as they will wipe information from the device.

All magnets may chip and shatter, but if used correctly can last a lifetime.
Keep away from pacemakers.
Not for children, parental supervision required.
If damaged please dispose of completely. Shards are still magnetized and if swallowed can inflict serious damage if magnets join inside the digestive tract. neodymium round countersunk magnet
Rare Earth Magnets are the strongest permanent magnets for sale today. Buy small earth magnets perfect for crafts and DIY. We also sell large rare earth magnets for heavy duty projects where super strong pull force is required.

Countersunk magnets are extremely popular neodymium disc magnets with a countersunk central hole to allow the magnet to be easily fastened into place for a temporary or permanent fitting. All our neodymium countersunk magnets are available with a countersink on the north face of the magnet or on the south face. Remember if you are using two countersunk magnets together, like poles repel and opposite poles attract. If you want to use two magnets together to attract each other, you should select one magnet with a north pole and one magnet with a south pole on the countersunk face. If you want to use two magnets for repelling each other in a repelling, damping or shock absorbing application then you should purchase two identically polarised magnets.

Countersunk magnets are extremely popular neodymium magnets which have a central countersunk hole to allow the magnet to be easily fastened into place with a screw, leaving the screw head flush with the magnet. They are great for hanging signs, tools, etc. These screw-on magnets are very popular for kitchen installations, retail store shelving, furniture and many other applications. NdFeB Neodymium N35 Countersunk Magnet  ,  Neodymium Countersunk Block Magnet 30x15x5mm N35

Countersunk Hole Magnets are very popular amongst tradespeople and fabricators. Frequently used as magnetic closures for cabinets, gates and door latches and any other hidden magnetic closure mechanism. The hole allows the Neodymium magnet to be secured on any surface with a screw or bolt. Rare Earth magnets are brittle and can break easily if mishandled; countersunk magnets provide a convenient means of securing the magnet without causing damage. Countersunk magnets are commonly used for shop-fitting, shelving and lighting fixtures, window and screen displays as well as to hold and hang signage. Countersunk NdFeB Neodymium Magnet N35 30x10x5mm

The approximate pull info listed for Neodymium Cup Magnets is for reference only. These values are measured under the test conditions where the magnet is attached to a flat, ground 1/2″ thick mild steel plate. Coatings, rust, rough surfaces, and certain other environmental conditions can significantly reduce the pull force. Please be sure to test the pull in your actual application. For critical applications, it is suggested that the pull be de-rated by a factor of 2 or more, depending on the severity of a potential failure. Neodymium Countersunk Block Magnet 30x15x5mm N35

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