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Horseshoe Pocket Alnico Magnets

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Horseshoe Pocket Alnico Magnets, Alnico Pocket Magnets, Red Painted Cast Alnico 5 Horseshoe Magnet, Power Alnico Pocket Magnets with Keepers, Alnico Bridge Magnet, U-shaped Pocket Size Aluminum-Nickel-Cobalt Magnet

Horseshoe Pocket Alnico Magnets – Heavy duty horseshoe alnico power pocket magnet have a well recognised and traditional horseshoe shape.
They have a NORTH and SOUTH pole.
Maximum operating temperature :500 deg.C
Material: Alnico 5 magnet material
Good corrosion resistance
Natural or painted finish available
Pocket magnets are supplied with a keeper and can be used to easilycheck whether parts are ferrous or not.

“Pocket Size” Red Alnico Horseshoe Magnet for retrieving small steel parts and screws from hard to reach places.. The NORTH pole is on the first silver face and the SOUTH is on the second silver face. These magnets have a epoxy paint coating that helps protect the magnet. These magnets are held in place by the Magnetic Face and have a maximum operating temperature of 500 degrees C.

Alnico Horseshoe Magnets offer the highest working temperatures of any magnet currently available and are therefore ideal for high temperature heat treatment jigs and fixtures. They are also extremely mechanically strong and resistant to corrosion making them ideal for underwater (sub-sea) applications.

If you are in any doubt about the choice of Alnico magnet, its size or need technical assistance, please contact us for assistance. And if you need a quotation for higher quantities of Alnico or a custom Alnico magnet shape or Alnico assembly, please contact us in Call Us 86-574-27667267 or Email to us

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Product Range

Part No. Approx Pull lbs. Width in. Height in. Cored Hole
AHPM-1 8 1-1/8″ 1″ 3/16″
AHPM-2 13 1-1/8″ 3/4″ 3/16″
AHPM-4 22 1-1/2″ 1″ 3/16″
AHPM-6 30 1-3/4″ 1-1/8″ 3/16″
AHPM-8 32 2-3/16″ 1-13/16″ 3/16″
AHPM-12 42 2-5/8″ 2-1/4″ 3/16″
AHPM-16 50 3″ 2-1/2″ 3/16″


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