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Hook Ceiling Magnet with Metal Body

/Hook Ceiling Magnet with Metal Body
  • Round Ceiling Magnets with Metal Body, Hook

Round Ceiling Magnets with Hook, Metal Body, White Painted or Galvanized, Ceiling Magnets with Lacquered Steel Casing & Hook or Eyelet, Extra Strong Steel Ceiling Magnets, Hanging System Magnetic Hook

Hook Ceiling Magnet Execution: round ceiling magnet with open hook, metal body, white painted or galvanized

HS Magnetech offers extra strong ceiling magnets. Fitted with a steel hook, groove or hanging eye. These ceiling magnets are extra strong due to the steel shell.
The magnetic hooks are ceiling magnets made of steel that is painted white or an other colour and fitted with a steel hook, groove or hanging eye. The ceiling magnets are extra strong due to the steel shell. Browse the possibilities and order the desired steel ceiling magnets from HSMAG Magnetic Design. An ideal hanging system.
Suitable for industry: Graphical design / printing Office / warehouse Technical product suppliers Training / education.

The ceiling magnets in the form of magnetic hooks are ideal for displaying and presenting promotional material in department stores, shops and showrooms. The ceiling magnets are made of steel or plastic. The ceiling magnets are suitable for use on any steel or iron surface. The specified pull force of each ceiling magnet is measured perpendicular to a 10 mm thick sheet of st37. More information? Please Contact us. 86-574-27667267


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Product Range

Part No. Diameter Height Thread Pull force
mm mm kg
HSCM-300.02 10 18 M3 0,4
HSCM-300.021 13 18 M3 0,5
HSCM-300.022 16 18 M3 0,8
HSCM-300.023 20 20 M3 1,6
HSCM-300.024 25 21 M4 2
HSCM-300.025 32 21 M4 3,2
HSCM-300.026 36 21,5 M4 4
HSCM-300.027 40 21,5 M4 8
HSCM-300.028 47 22 M4 12
HSCM-300.029 50 22 M4 15
HSCM-300.03 57 22 M4 16
HSCM-300.031 63 22 M4 26
HSCM-300.032 * 80 22 M5 60

These ceiling magnets can also be supplied with either a hook or an eyelet.

Available in galvanized finish
*Execution with eyelet

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