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Holding Systems Grip Fast Magnets, Magpad, Neodymium gripfast magnets, rubber coated Ferrite pot magnet, magnetic holding system, magnetic mounting system, Rubber Covered Magnetic Mounting Pads

Holding Systems Grip Fast Magnets Features:

Neodymium Grip Fast Style A

Neodymium grip fasts incorporate high strength Neodymium magnets assembled on to a mild steel backing plate with a protective rubber coating over the magnets. The design offers exceptional holding force from a low profile section. The two 5mm holes allow for easy fixing, applications include office equipment mounting onto steel partitioning and sensor mounting.

Ferrite Grip Fast Style B

This Grip fast 2 is an ideal holding magnet for vehicle or advertising signs. Its rubber coated Ferrite magnet avoids damage to paintwork and the M6 studding and bolt allows for easy fixing.

Ferrite Grip Fast Style C

Ferrite Grip Fast 3 is mainly used to hold up dry whiteboards where steel partitioning or backing exists, however, it has a range of different applications including securing licence plates to heavy machinery. This ferrite magnet is rubber coated to avoid damage to paintwork and can be supplied with self-adhesive or glue kit fixing options.

Neodymium Grip Fast Style D

Grip Fast 4 is a magnetic Coat/picture hook that means you can avoid drilling into steel partitioning.

Grip Fast
Part Number Style L W H Fixing Method Holding Force (Kg)
HSNIAS01 A 90 30 7.5 x2 Dia5 holes 12.0
HSSFAS01 B 80 55 13.5 M6x16mm stud 9.0
HSSFAS02 C 80 55 13.5 S/Adh tape or glue 9.0
HSNIAS02 D 65 45 7 N/A 6.0

Please note:

Holding Forces are based upon direct contact with a thick, clean mild steel surface. Holding Forces will be reduced with heavily painted or corroded surfaces.

The shear holding force of these products are approximately 1/3 of the stated value.

The maximum working temperature is +80ᵒC for all of the products above. Sintered Samarium Cobalt Cylinder Magnets


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Product Range

Holding System Gripfast Drawing a

Holding System Gripfast Drawing a

Holding System Gripfast Drawing b

Holding System Gripfast Drawing b

Holding System Gripfast Drawing c

Holding System Gripfast Drawing c

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