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Holding Pot Magnet with Carabiner

/Holding Pot Magnet with Carabiner
  • Holding Pot Magnet with Carabiner
  • 32mm Carabiner Hook Magnet

Holding Pot Magnet with Carabiner, Magnetic Carabiner Hook, Neodymium Carabiner Hook Magnets, Carabiner Lock Snap Hook Magnet, Magnetic Hanger D-ring Quick Release Aluminium Hooks, Strong Hook Magnet Promotion Hand Tool Parts

Holding Pot Magnet with Carabiner Feature:
Part No. AD-1002
Material NdFeB
strength approx. 39 kg
Pot diameter D 32 mm
Pot height H1 8 mm
Total height without carabiner H2 18,5 mm
Length of carabiner h1 60 mm
max. weight on carabiner 15 kg
Magnetisation N42
Pot material Q235 (China)
Carabiner material Aluminium
Coating Nickel (Ni)
Max. working temperature 80°C
Steel Q235 (China)
Weight 55 g

Magnetic Carabiner Lock – The indicated adhesive force can be reached when the load on the carabiner is vertical. If you attach the magnet to a wall, however, the maximum adhesive force is only approx. 8 kg (shear direction).

New: Pot magnet with carabiner instead of a regular hook
Surely you have witnessed a strong hook magnet in action before. Depending on the size of the hook, objects may still slide down if they are unequally loaded. The convenient solution: A pot magnet with a carabiner! It guarantees a secure hold of the mounted objects, even when they are pulled sideways. Therefore, it can be used wherever you would use eyelet or hook magnets otherwise, e.g. at home or in the workshop.

Multi-function Holding Pot Magnet with Carabiner, Magnetic Carabiner Lock, Portable Magnetic Carabiner Holder features a spring loaded gate which allows them to be quickly and securely attached to a wide range of fixing points. It can open and close smoothly as the spring-loaded gate makes it easy to attach important items to a pack or belt, ideal for hanging cords, ropes, hoses, keys and other items.

Characteristics of Neodymium magnet
Neodymium magnet is currently the strongest one available, best in magnetic performance
and energy.
NdFeB magnet have the characteristics of:
Extreme strong Br residual induction
Very high energy product
Excellent demagnetization resistance capacibility
Coating is needed for NdFeB Magnet which is not suitable for high temperature working condition.
High Coercive Force
Very hight energy products
Low corrosion resistance (when uncoated)
Low mechanical strength – Brittle
Strongest magnetic power
Hight coercive force
Brittle & Hard
Good temperature stability
High resistance to demagnetization
Excellent performance and cost

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