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High Temperature Resistance SmCo Tile Magnets

/High Temperature Resistance SmCo Tile Magnets
  • High Temperature Resistance SmCo Tile Magnets

High Temperature Resistance SmCo Tile Magnets, High Powerful Samarium Cobalt Rare Earth Permanent Magnets, High Curie Temperature SmCo customized arc smco samarium cobalt anisotropic for motor, High Temperature Resistance 300 degrees Halbach Array Magnet

High Temperature Resistance SmCo Tile Magnets Feature:
Material name: SmCo magnetic steel
Material brand: SmCo5 & Sm2Co17
Working temperature: 250 ~ 300 ℃

Generally, SmCo magnetic steel only has sintered magnetic steel. The production process is mainly cutting and grinding. The specification and size can be customized and processed according to the customer’s requirements. The characteristics of SmCo are high temperature resistance, not easy to oxidize and corrosion resistance. Therefore, most of the general high-temperature motors and aviation products use SmCo magnets.

Material: samarium-cobalt
Configuration: arc / tile / segment
Other characteristics: anisotropic, with bore, coated, with threaded hole
Applications: for motors, for sensors, for medical applications, for elevators, for reed sensor actuation, for loudspeakers, for workshop tools, for automotive applications
At present, the price of rare earth materials and high-performance neodymium iron boron materials in China has risen sharply. The price of some high-temperature products of N35EH and n35uh has been much higher than that of SmCo, which can be perfectly replaced by SmCo products at present. Especially for motor products, SmCo tile has higher temperature resistance than NdFeB magnet, and has the same stability as NdFeB material.

The remanence of NdFeB is higher than that of SmCo. At present, it can reach about 55, and SmCo can only reach 32. Remanence, can be simply understood as the suction as the saying goes, NdFeB is much larger, but the coercive force of NdFeB is lower than SmCo. Coercive force is the ability to resist demagnetization. Motor Arc SmCo Permanent Magnet
The temperature factor

Neodymium 38EH Magnets Samarium Cobalt R35E Magnets
Average torque at
        2.3Nm 2.14Nm
Average torque at 180°C 1.86Nm 1.99Nm

The corrosion resistance of NdFeB is not good. Therefore, generally speaking, it is necessary to do electroplating and other protection, and even package anti-corrosion. Common zinc plating, nickel plating, epoxy, etc. Even so, it is not as good as SmCo.


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