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High-speed Motor Arc Samarium Cobalt Laminated Magnet

/High-speed Motor Arc Samarium Cobalt Laminated Magnet
  • High-speed Motor Arc Samarium Cobalt Laminated Magnet

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High-speed Motor Arc Samarium Cobalt Laminated Magnet – In most cases, the eddy current loss of permanent magnets is much lower than iron loss and copper loss of the motor, but it will generate a large temperature rise in the high-speed motor and the high power density motor.

Ideally, stator magnetic field and rotor magnetic field of PMSM are rotating synchronously, or relatively static, thus permanent magnets without eddy current loss in such case. In fact, there are a series of space and time harmonics are existing in the air gap magnetic field, and these harmonic components are stemming from cogging effect, non-sinusoidal distribution of magnetomotive force and phase current. The harmonic magnetic field will link with rotor magnetic field and hence generated eddy current and caused relevant eddy current loss. It should be also noted that the harmonic magnetic field and eddy current loss will rise with increasing motor speed.

Samarium Cobalt (Rare Earth) Magnets are often used in high temperature applications needing high magnetic performance and where magnetic stability over a wide range of temperatures is important. HSMAG can help optimize performance and cost with SmCo magnets in grades from 16 to 32 MGOe and temperatures up to 350°C/662°F. Samarium–Cobalt Magnet is a strong permanent rare earth magnet made of an alloy of samarium, cobalt, Fe, Cu, Pr and Zr.

Laminated magnets are made by bonding several pieces of thin magnets together via special isolation glue which also be called magnet segmentation technology, and thus dramatically reduce the eddy flux loss of the magnets without changing the structure and performance of the motors. Actually, puzzles existing in the development of laminated magnets are the assembly process and consequently high costs. HSMAG has collected much experience via some axial flux motor projects.  Snake Line Laminated Magnet Arc N35H Bomatec AG has also launched their unique Snake Line Technology to achieve reduction of eddy current loss. According to the relevant conclusions, Snake Line Technology has more competitive advantages compared with laminated magnets, especially dimensional accuracy, mechanical properties

We can also custom manufacture these to fit your exact specifications using our in-house global manufacturing facilities and team of experienced engineers. Need high quantities of magnets at the lowest and fairest price possible? Just let us know what you are looking for and contact our Customer Care Team by sending us a request for quote! We’ll work with you to determine the most economical way of providing you with what you need. High Power Density Motor Laminated Magnet Arc-Type

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