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High Precise Micro Circular Disc Magnets Ф1.0*1.0mm

/High Precise Micro Circular Disc Magnets Ф1.0*1.0mm
  • High Precise Micro Circular Disc Magnets

High Precise Micro Circular Disc Magnets Ф1.0*1.0mm, N42 Neodymium Iron Boron Micro Magnets, buy powerful performance sintered neodymium disc magnets, Tiny NdFeB Ultimate Magnets China Supplier

Neodymium Iron Boron High Precise Micro Circular Disc Magnets Dimension Ф1.0*1.0mm, Ag coating, Shape disc circular disk, Grade N42

The Ultimate Magnets! Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) is used to manufacture the most powerful magnets per unit volume that are commercially available today.

It is used where a small size and maximum power are needed. Neodymium Magnets exert very high forces and can attract each other through unbelievably large distances making them very popular for a wide range of applications including scientific experiments,packaging,security,lighting,display and magic acts to name a few. They also have an immense and unbeatable resistance to being demagnetised, making them ideal for repulsion applications as well as attractive applications. Neodymium Iron Boron Micro Block Neo Magnets

The magnets are triple coated(NiCuNi) for maximum protection against corrosion.Standard manufacturing tolerance is +/- 0.1mm on all dimensions.

We own advanced processing equipments and full set of production lines, products range can be as small as size class, 0.2 mm ~ 2.0mm, with high precision, tolerance between 0.005mm and 0.02mm. Also, we can make thickness 0.12 mm on very tiny thin ring like magnetic materials, using high electroplating technology like parylene coating and checkout equipment of projector and microscope to offer high and reliable products for our customers.

exceptionally powerful performance;
supplies more energy per cubic metre than any other magnetic material;
relatively inexpensive, one-twentieth the weight of ferrite magnets and, based on ‘euro per BHmax’, approximately three-quarters the price of ferrite magnets;
relatively easy to process, especially compared to samarium-cobalt and alnico magnets.
If you need discs with central holes (ring magnets) of different dimensions and/or with specific countersunk requirements, please get in touch.

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