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High Performance Low Profile Limpet Pot Magnets 66mm

/High Performance Low Profile Limpet Pot Magnets 66mm
  • High Performance Low Profile Limpet Pot Magnets 66mm

High Performance Low Profile Limpet Pot Magnets 66mm, Ferrite Clamping Magnet with M6 Threaded 3 Holes, 66mm dia x 11mm thick Ferrite Limpet pot magnets, Red Painted Ceramic Threaded Magnet China Supplier

Ferrite Clamping Magnet with M6 Threaded 3 Holes 46mm Parameter:
Part No.: HSFLP6611-3M6
Shape: Limpet/ Pot/ Clamping/ Circular
High performance, low profile limpet pot magnets incorporating ferrite magnets to give a superior hold on surfaces which are dirty and uneven.
Maximum operating temperature – 180 deg. C.
Diameter – 66mm
Height – 11mm
Max. pull – 25kg

Ferrite limpet pot magnet with an M6 threaded hole. This magnet offers a 25kg pull and is ideal for semi-permanent applications.
Pack of 1.
66mm diameter x 11mm thick.
M6 threaded 3 holes.
25kg pull strength.
Max operating temperature of 180 degrees Celsius.

We offer Ferrite Limpet Pot Magnets in a silver (chrome, zinc or nickel) finish, a white paint finish, a red paint finish, black rubber coated finish and ferritic stainless steel finish at Ferrite Limpet Pot Magnets, Ceramic Limpet Cup Magnets are widely used in industrial applications such as fastening, holding, hanging or retrieving objects, etc.

Due to their affordability, ferrite magnets are often chosen when a stronger rare-earth magnet isn’t needed. Although they only operate at roughly one-tenth of the strength of magnets like neodymium, they can offer reasonable pull for a fraction of the price. They’re also extremely resistant to corrosion and are able to withstand temperatures of up to 250°C, making them one of the most popular permanent magnets for everyday applications.

Limpet magnets are an assembly of magnets designed to give a superior hold against uneven and dirty surfaces. They are ideal for semi-permanent attachments where you are likely to leave the magnet in place for the foreseeable future. Common applications include attaching headboards to walls, holding doors open, gate fixtures and hanging pictures.

Our ferrite limpet pot magnets come with a mild steel shell. This combination of materials gives the magnetic assembly a strong resistance to corrosion, and they have a maximum operating temperature of 180 degrees Celsius, making them ideal for outdoor applications.

These magnets come with a safe-handling warning; because they are so powerful they can be dangerous if not handled carefully. Ferrite Clamping Magnet with M6 Threaded 3 Holes 46mm

At HSMAG, we engineer a range of ferrite pot magnets, including options with tapped, countersunk or threaded holes. We also offer bespoke ferrite magnets with a variety of attachments such as hooks, eyebolts and cable ties, ideal for hanging on different surfaces. Whatever your project or industry, we’re sure to have a magnetic solution to suit.

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