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High Performance Filter Rod Magnets – 12000 Gauss

/High Performance Filter Rod Magnets – 12000 Gauss
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High Performance Filter Rod Magnets – 12000 Gauss, Cylindrical Rod Magnets, Permanent Magnetic Filter Bars, Filter Tube Magnets, N42 Grade High Powerful Neodymium Filter Rod Magnets, Separator Bar Magnets with M8 thread

Filter Rod Magnets Feature:

*Each magnet has north and south poles in radial bands around the circumference spaced 25mm apart
*Each rod magnet has a surface Gauss measurement of approximately 12,000 Gauss
*Completely sealed, welded and polished stainless steel casing
*Can be fixed in place using the M8 10mm thread

Our filter rod magnets are used in a variety of industries including food, plastics and chemical processing to collect and remove magnetic particles during the processing or manufacturing process. The substance being manufactured is usually passed through a grid of filter magnets which attract any magnetic particles to their surface. These magnets have a large Gauss value because of their length and depth of field and generate very high levels of magnetism despite their relatively small surface pole area. These magnets come with a safe-handling warning; because they are so powerful they can be dangerous if not handled carefully.

Permanent magnetic filter bars can be installed at any point in solid or liquid material flows. They can be used up to temperatures of 150°C. The filter bars are manufactured from powerful ceramic magnets in a stainless steel (AISI 304) casing.
This construction has a high degree of corrosion resistance and is quick and easy to clean. The standard diameters of the filter bars is 25.4 or 40 mm and the ends have M8 threaded holes so they can be easily installed in almost any position. For applications involving higher temperatures (up to 350°C), versions fitted with AlNiCo magnets can be supplied.
In situations where, for example, very fine ferrous particles in the μ region or ferrous particles have to be separated from viscous materials, the permanent magnetic filter bars can also be supplied in versions with Neodymium magnetic material.

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Stanard Sizes of 12000 Gauss Filter Rod Magnets by HSMAG:

25mm diameter x 150mm long

25mm diameter x 200mm long

25mm diameter x 340mm long

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