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High Accuracy Magnetic Field Power Supply

/High Accuracy Magnetic Field Power Supply
  • High Accuracy Magnetic Field Power Supply

FE-F2071 High Accuracy Magnetic Field Power Supply For Magnetic Field, Multi Arc Magnetic Field Power Supply for multi-arc ion coating equipment

Product characteristics:

Output current: -33A-+33A
High resolution: 1mA
High accuracy: 0.2%
High stability: <0.1%@32A
Effective voltage range: 0-120V
Max output power: 3960W
Load DC resistance range: 2.55-3.75Ω
Ground relations: floating output’
Computer interface: RS-232 (serial port)

Output current:
·Output range -33A-+33A DC
·Min. step: 1mA/32.000A
·Accuracy: ±(0.2% step up +15mA)
Stability better than ±0.1%@30A
·Noise/Ripple:30mA RMS Typical Value @30A
·Max output power: 3960w

Output voltage
·Range of effective output voltage 0V-120V DC
·Open circuit output voltage:145V±5V

Current Reverser
·Microprocessor controlled relay reverse mode and 5 models to choose for delay time
·Shock of reversal current smaller than 3mA

Load adaptability
·Loading DC resistance range of full input 2.5-3.75Ω
·Output impedance 1mΩ
·Interior collocation output makes up to network

Load protection
·Controllable output end state
·Mode of linear Gradients deals with mutational current setting
·Rate of current linear Gradients 0.01A/S-5A/s
·Interior overpower protection

Scanning function
·Ⅰ,Ⅰ-Ⅲ,Ⅰ-Ⅲ-Ⅰquadrant three scanning modes
·Rate Range of linear scan: 0.01A/s-5A/s
Setting range of max scanning current: 1mA-33A DC

Automatically control
·Standard equipment with RS-232 computer interface and easy-to-use interface
·Complete computer command set
·Function of trigger output synchronization
·Function of timed continuous trigger output in the process of scanning

Interaction capability
·White backlight FSTN LCD display
·Essential LED state indicator
·3*4 keys interactive function keyboard operation matched display and indicator

Standard specification
·Offer manual for users
·Standard 19 inches, 1.6m cabinet

TN-S ground type, 3 phase 5 wires, AC380V/50Hz. high precise programmable current source

Multi arc magnetic field power supply works in high frequency conversion mode, with unipolar pulse output mode; voltage, frequency and duty ratio can be adjusted independently. The power supply products are mainly applied for the dynamic magnetic field scanning in front of the arc target of the multi-arc ion coating, improving the discharging angle of plasma, quickening the spots moving, and decreasing the formation of liquid drops

Technical parameters of power supply

Power Range


Input Power

AC380V±10%, three phase four wire system, 50-60Hz

Output Mode


Pulse Width


Pulse Frequency


Output Voltage

No load, 60V

Output Current Stability


Cooling Mode

6-12kW air-cooled; 20-60kW water-cooled

Service Environment

Ambient Temperature 0-40℃
Ambient Humidity: Relative humidity ≤85%
Clean air, no dust, no corrosive flammable gas, good ventilation

Cooling Water

Clean without any minerals and other soluble substances
Water Temperature 20-40℃
Pressure 0.15±0.05MPa

Communication Mode


Description: The power supply output properties can be adjusted according to application need

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