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Heavy Duty Magnetic Clips Ferrite Round Base Pot

/Heavy Duty Magnetic Clips Ferrite Round Base Pot
  • Heavy Duty Magnetic Clips Ferrite Round Base Pot

Heavy Duty Magnetic Clips Ferrite Round Base Pot, Flat Ferrite Pot Magnet with Clips, Flat Round Ferrite Monopole Pot Magnets,  Refrigerator Magnet Clips, Strong Permanent Cup Magnets, Magnetic Clips Kitchen Calendar Whiteboard Magnet Clips Magnetic Bag Paper Clips, China Suppliers

Heavy Duty Magnetic Clips Ferrite Round Base Pot Feature
Style  Clips Magnet
Size D36xH40mm / Customized Size
Shape Pot Flat Magnet with Clip
Composite Ferrite Magnet
Delivery Time 25 working days

Item No. D H L1 L2 T1 T2 Force Weight
mm mm mm mm mm mm Kg N Lbs g
HS-RBFB36C-S 36 40 25 20 23.5 6.6 7 66 15 40

Or, if you would like to see whether other combinations could work out in the same way to make our work, life easier, we will be glad to hear from you.Strong Fridge Magnet Clips with Ferrite Magnet Wide Heavy Duty Magnetic Clips Kitchen Calendar Whiteboard Magnet Clips Magnetic Bag Paper Clips, Silver
It is kind of creative to put clip and pot magnet together to make our lives handy. We really need to use our brilliance to bring out more of this combination. Now we just have one size of metal magnet clips for each product as shown on the web page and it is because most users are OK with the size and are happy with the force. If you need something different either dimension-wise or force-wise you let us know and we are full of flexibilities.

Application of Heavy duty Magnetic Clips
You can never imagine enough how these products can bring convenience to us. They adhere to any ferrous metal surface with ease to hold light objects. There are several strong magnetic clips such as magnetic whiteboard clips, magnetic wall clips, heavy duty refrigerator magnet clips to be used in workplaces, for example, a temporary notice, working instructions on a machine, a sign to show directions. Refrigerators, metal shelves, metal lockers, etc. you can use the custom magnetic clips on all of them. You can customize the magnetic clips with different colors and different decorative functions. Flat Ferrite Pot Magnet with Buckle Clips

USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Made of thicken high-quality iron, nickel-plated polished surface, will not rust and corrosion-resistant. The small details at the bolt are specially treated to protect your fingers for safe use and to make the clips more durable.
HEAVY DUTY: Each clip has a heavy duty round magnet that can attach to any metallic surface you want and will not slide easily. Strong enough for a whole calendar or 25 sheets of A4 paper.
SCRATCH SAFE: You never need spending time to worry about the scratches on your metallic surface anymore, we’ve prepared free transparent protective pads that’s convenient and does not affect the magnetism to work better for you.
MULTI-USE: These smart guys often appear in home, kitchen, office, classroom. Ideal for fridge, locker, whiteboard and more. Display photos,artworks; Organize receipts, shopping lists; Post reminders,to do lists; Hang decor, keys; As food savers etc.. Enjoy the endless uses.

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