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Hardness Removal Magnetic Water Softeners

/Hardness Removal Magnetic Water Softeners
  • Magnetic Water Softeners

Hardness Removal Anti-corrosive Magnetic Water Softeners, Greenhouse Farming Irrigation Magnetic Water Conditioner For Water Treatment, Chemical-Free Magnetic Water Treatment Devices For Limescale Removal, Magnetic Hard Water Softeners Safe

Hardness Removal Magnetic Water Softeners Equipment Feature:
Part No.: MWTC-3
Inlet and outlet: 80mm / 3″
Dimension(diameter*length): 159×450 mm
Flow rate: 50 m3/h
Vertical center: 160 strong magnetism (mt)
Max Working temperature (℃): 90
weight: 45 kg
Material: Strong Neodymium Magnets and Housing SUS 304/316/316L
Connection Mode: Flange Or Thread
Magnetic Intensity: 10000-15000Gauss OR MORE

Water Treatment
Water is the most commonly used media for cooling, be it internal combustion engine, compressors, furnaces, Air conditioners etc. the reason being it absorbs maximum heat per cubic centimeter and does not become a hazard. Oil and other liquids carry much less heat and are fire hazards too. Water, as obtained naturally, has one major problem i.e. tendency to form scales on the pipes or other areas in which it is circulation especially when hot. Magnetic Water Softeners

Limescale causes problems to industry and domestic users in hard water areas. Magnetic Water Softeners
Limescale (consisting of mainly calcium carbonate,b plus calcium sulfate, barium sulfate, calcium phosphate, magnesium hydroxide, zinc phosphate, iron hydroxides and silica, dependent on the geographical area) is a problem in heated water systems wherever ‘hard’ water is obtained from limestone or chalk countryside. It is formed primarily because the solubility of calcium carbonate decreases with increasing temperature. Limescale is only a problem if calcium carbonate deposits calcite crystals, which may form directly or subsequent to metastable hexagonal and fibrous vaterite crystal formation. It is widely reported that magnetic fields may halt or reverse scale buildup . The literature is somewhat confused with some reporting that orthorhombic aragonite crystals have a higher density but, although intrinsically harder, are less prone to form hard scale on surfaces , whereas other papers report aragonite is more troublesome forming the harder scale on surfaces . There seems to be little experimental literature to decide one way or another and in any case it is the relative (kinetic) ability of the precipitating particles to stick to surfaces rather than themselves, under the prevailing physical (e.g. electrical and magnetic fields) and chemical (e.g. Mg2+ and Fe3+ content) conditions, that is of overriding importance Magnetic Water Softeners.

The mechanism by which the magnetic field produces its effect seems down to the presence of disordered hydrated CaCO3 aggregates , forming liquid emulsions which may be affected by the magnetic field and so convert into different prenucleation clusters and hence different structures on crystallization .

Magnetic Anti Scale Unit
• It requires No chemicals, No salts, No energy, No backwashing
• Easy to Install
• Just connect directly to the main water supply.
• Does Not Affect
• The quality or taste of the water

  • Customized is Available
  • Affordable price
  • Quality guaranteed
  • T/T or L/C accepted
  • Other payment accepted
  • Fast shipping, Worldwide delivery
  • 24-Hours excellent customer service
  • Offer free magnetic solution
  • Bulk discounts for larger orders

Product Range

Magnetic Water Softeners Application

Magnetic Water Softeners Application

Specifications: (The practical dimension could be customized )

Part No. Inlet and outlet Dimension(mm) Flow rate Vertical center Working medium weight
mm inch diameter*length m3/h strong magnetism (mt) temperature (℃) Kg
MWTC-1 25 1 108×330 4.9 160 0-90 10
MWTC-1.5 40 1.5 108×330 12 160 0-90 20
MWTC-2 50 2 159×450 19 160 0-90 30
MWTC-2.5 65 2.5 159×450 28 160 0-90 40
MWTC-3 80 3 159×450 50 160 0-90 45
MWTC-4 100 4 219×560 80 160 0-90 50
MWTC-5 125 5 219×600 125 160 0-90 60
MWTC-6 150 6 273×740 180 160 0-90 70
MWTC-8 200 8 325×790 320 160 0-90 90
MWTC-10 250 10 377×850 480 160 0-90 110
MWTC-12 300 12 426×800 600 160 0-90 130
MWTC-14 350 14 478×950 750 160 0-90 160
MWTC-16 400 16 530×1000 850 160 0-90 210
MWTC-18 450 18 630×1050 950 160 0-90 260
MWTC-20 500 20 720×1100 1100 160 0-90 330
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