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Internal Thread Ferrite Pot Magnets

/Internal Thread Ferrite Pot Magnets
  • hard ferrite ceramic pot magnets with internal thread

Internal Thread Ferrite Pot Magnets, Hard Ferrite Pot Magnets with Internal Thread, Threaded Through Hole Ferrite (Ceramic) Pot Magnets, Cup Magnets, Female Thread Ferrite Pot Magnet

Internal Thread Ferrite Pot Magnets have a metric internal thread and can be fastened with objects with an external thread. We also carry these magnets with rubber coating.

The ceramic magnets are embedded in a steel pot. The steel pot increases the adhesive force of the magnet on direct contact with a thick iron surface. If there is no direct contact with the counterpart, or if the steel plate is thin, painted or rough, you can strain it much less.

Hard Ferrite pot magnets are made of a sintered ferrrite magnet sunken in to a steel shell meaning that the north pole is on the centre of the magnetic face and the south pole is on the outer edge around it. The steel pot increases the adhesive force of the magnets giving them an incredible hold for their size. An added advantage of pot magnets is that they are resistant to chipping or cracking following constant impact with a steel surface.

Threaded Through Hole Ferrite pot magnets comes with a Ferrite ring permanent magnet with in a plated steel casing, within the area of pot assembly makes it easily mountable on any surface. The Hard ferrite versions have maximum temperature up to +200 Degrees C.

To clamp securely the pot magnet well in place, a cap screw can also be used. Such a mechanism offer clamping onto steelwork, keeping the magnet intact. The holes in these magnets come in standard sizes of 25mm- 80mm in diameter,  range of Thread M is M4 – M10. Pull force range is 36N -550N.

Custom sized Neodymium Pot Magnets with Internal  Threaded Hole can be made upon request. Please contact us by E-mail usor call 86-574-27667267 for any size and design you need.

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Product Range



Part No.

D mm

H mm

K mm

Thread M

Force* N

Weight g

Temperature °C

HSMAGFp05-01 25+0.1/-0.1 7+0.3/-0.2 5.2 M4 36 18 200
HSMAGFp05-02 32+0.1/-0.1 7+0.3/-0.2 5.2 M4 75 29 200
HSMAGFp05-03 40+0.2/-0.1 8+0.4/-0.2 5.2 M4 90 53 200
HSMAGFp05-04 50+0.2/-0.1 10+0.5/-0.2 12 M6 170 94 200
HSMAGFp05-05 50+0.2/-0.1 10+0.5/-0.2 12 M8 170 94 200
HSMAGFp05-06 63+0.3/-0.1 14+0.5/-0.2 13 M8 290 206 200
HSMAGFp05-07 80+0.3/-0.1 18+0.5/-0.2 14.5 M8 550 472 200
HSMAGFp05-08 80+0.3/-0.1 18+0.5/-0.2 14.5 M10 550 466 200
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