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Hard Ferrite Ceramic Horseshoe Magnet

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  • Hard Ferrite Ceramic Horseshoe Magnet

Hard Ferrite Ceramic Horseshoe Magnet, U-shaped Sintered Ferrite Educational Magnets, Ferrite Horseshoe Magnets, U-shaped School Magnets, Education Magnet,  Teaching Magnet China Supplier

Hard Ferrite Ceramic Horseshoe Magnet Features:
Part No.: HS-FU
Material: Hard Ferrite / Ceramic
Shape: Horseshoe (U-shape)
Color: custom / red-green  / red-blue / No or pure color
As the request of clients
1.Low cost, High working temperature with Good corrosion resistance
2.Grades: Y10T
3.Products manufactured according to ISO9001 quality system;
4.Coating: No
5.Application: Educations / School
6 Delivery: By sea, By air, By Express, various ways can be selected. We also cooperate with famous express companies like DHL, FedEx, EMS, TNT, UPS and so on. Our lead time is always quicker than average.

U-shaped Ferrite Magnets is widely used in teaching and playing. also known as ceramic educational magnets, are offered in a wide range of sizes, dimensions, shapes and colors.

We usually paint Ferrite horseshoe educational magnet in no color, red-green or red-blue, or we combine them with other material such as metal and plastic. Meantime, these products comply with the international safety standards.

Educational U-shape magnet is safe to children’s health. We manufacture educational magnets based on customers’ requirements. Computer, science, biological engineering, medical apparatus and instruments, instruments and meters.

Poles at one end separated by a slot
Plain fixing hole
Supplied with keepers

Hard Ferrite Ceramic Horseshoe Magnet Applications:
Educations, they can help teachers, parents and students to explore mysterious forces of magnetism.

A horseshoe magnet is a U-shaped metal object that produces a magnetic field. This magnetic field in invisible, but is responsible for a magnet’s notable pull on other metal objects. It is one type of permanent magnet, meaning that it stays magnetized, as opposed to an electromagnet, whose magnetic field can be started and stopped.

Originally, the horseshoe magnet was made as an alternative to the significantly weaker bar magnet. Its lifting strength is doubled, compared to that of a bar magnet, because both of its magnetic poles point in the same direction. For industrial applications, they have largely been replaced by even stronger magnets, but are still effective for uses such as classroom demonstrations and picking up small metal objects.

Ferrite Educational Magnet – Horseshoe and U-shaped magnets come in every size and lifting strength, at prices that are equally varied. Properly kept, they can hold their magnetism for decades. They are common enough that a red U-shaped magnet is the universal symbol of magnets, recognized around the world.

The magnetic properties of matter can be put to use in numerous ways. Horseshoe and many other types of magnets have everyday uses, such as sticking a note to a refrigerator, or picking up metal objects. They are also used in a number of traditional and alternative medical treatments for everything from arthritis to poor circulation. Data storage in credit cards and computers has become perhaps the most common modern use of magnetism.

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  • Quality guaranteed
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Product Range

Size &Specification
Ferrite Y10T
U30 x 30 x 8 x 7mm
Ferrite Y10T
U42 x 38 x 8 x 7mm
Ferrite Y10T
U48 x 42 x 11 x 8mm
Ferrite Y10T
U61 x 52 x 12 x 9mm
Ferrite Y10T
U67 x 54 x 14 x 12mm
Ferrite Y10T
U70 x 50 x 12 x 12mm
Ferrite Y10T
U70 x 58 x 15 x 11mm
Ferrite Y10T
U70 x 58 x 15 x 5mm
Ferrite Y10T
U80 x 62 x 10 x 20mm
Ferrite Y10T
U80 x 90 x 20 x 8mm
Ferrite Y10T
U95 x 63 x 10 x 17mm
Ferrite Y10T
U106 x 86 x 20 x 33mm
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