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Hard Disk Actuator Magnet / HDD Magnets Assembly

/Hard Disk Actuator Magnet / HDD Magnets Assembly
  • Hard Disk Actuator Magnet HDD Magnets Assembly

Hard Disk Actuator Magnet  / HDD Magnets Assembly, Hard Disk Drive Permanent Magnet Assembly, Hard Drive HDD Super Strong Rare Earth Neodymium NIB / NEO / NdFeB Magnets, Computer Hard Drive Disc Magnet

We can supply any size and shape Hard Disk Actuator Magnet / HDD Magnets Assembly  (neodymium or ferrite) for customer’s design drawing. Please send your products design to us, we can the best magnetic solution for your plan.

The hard disk platters are accessed for read and write operations using the read/write heads mounted on the top and bottom surfaces of each platter. Obviously, the read/write heads don’t just float in space; they must be held in an exact position relative to the surfaces they are reading, and furthermore, they must be moved from track to track to allow access to the entire surface of the disk. The heads are mounted onto a structure that facilitates this process. Often called the head assembly or actuator assembly (or even the head-actuator assembly), it is comprised of several different parts.

Hard Disk Drive Magnets
50% of the world’s neodymium magnets are currently used in computer hard disk drives (HDD) with each HDD typically containing two magnets. The magnets are used in the actuator – a device which moves the actuator arm on the tip of which is the head which reads and writes data to/from the ultra-delicate platters. Driving the arm using magnets means that mechanical wear and tear is not an issue – unlike old-fashioned stepper motor powered hard drives. Hard Disk Drive Permanent Magnets Assembly

As a way to manage neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB) magnets wasted in end-of-life hard disk drives (HDDs), a waste characterization is needed prior to a recycling process. Due to their magnetic properties, NdFeB magnets are essential in technological applications nowadays, thus causing an increase in the industrial demand for rare earth metals. However, these metals have a short supply, since they are difficult to obtain from ores, creating a critical market. In this work, a study of the characterization of sintered neodymium-iron-boron magnets was undertaken by qualitatively and quantitatively uncovering the neodymium recovery potential from this type of electronic waste. From the collection and disassembly of hard disk drives, in which the magnet represents less than 3% of the total weight, an efficient demagnetization process was proceeded at 320°C. Then, the magnet was ground and screened for an X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis, which showed the Nd2Fe14B tetragonal phase as the dominant constituent of the sample. An analysis was also carried out in a scanning electron microscope (SEM) and an inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer (ICP-OES), where the magnet composition showed 21.5wt% of neodymium and 65.1wt% of iron, among other chemicals. This Nd content is higher than the one found in Nd ores, enhancing the recyclability and the importance of waste management.



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