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Handheld Magnetic Sweeper

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Hand-Held Magnetic Sweeper, Handheld Magnetic Sweeper, Strong Strength Magnetic Sweepers with Hand Release, Powerful Handheld Sweeper Magnets

A hand-held magnetic sweeper has a single long handle across the magnet that allows a user to carry it. It also has a singular block magnet which collects the dropped ferrous material.

The handle of a hand-held magnetic sweeper is made of steel and is long enough to ensure the user has a good grip to lift the magnet.

There is one large magnet on the bottom of a hand-held magnetic sweeper. The magnet does not run along the entire width of the magnetic sweeper, it is generally placed in a central position in the casing. Therefore, the magnetic width and the width of the magnetic sweeper is usually different.

The hand-held magnetic sweeper has an aluminium or stainless steel casing. These metals are both corrosion resistant which is beneficial to a magnetic sweeper due to its extended use outside.

Handheld Magnetic Sweeper for use on multi-surface applications. Ideal for pavement, gravel,  rough terrain, and uneven surfaces. Magnetic sweeper unit suspends quickly and easily from any type of service vehicle.  We use only Grade 8 Permanent Magnets mounted inside a high strength, aluminum housing.

Use these sweepers to clear factory and warehouse aisles and driveways. All models are 4” high by 3” deep – Eyebolts included. To unload, push the sweeper to the desired dumping area (i.e. a piece of cardboard) and pull the release handle. As the magnet rises, collected material is released from the collector plate.

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Product Range

Part No. Magnet Dimensions Weight
HSPMS-36LR 3” x 4” x 36” 45 lbs
HSPMS-48LR 3” x 4” x 48” 55 lbs
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